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  • Every Living Room Design to Know in India for 2022 26Nov

    Every Living Room Design to Know in India for 2022

    Indian living rooms are especially those areas that bloom with cultures. Those living room designs are deep-rooted in traditions. Every living room in an Indian household is a proper reflection of society and the house owner's vision.


    Living rooms are basically an extension of the personality of the person. This area can easily be transformed into a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing place just with the implementation of clever details and utilization of the space.


    If you are wondering about the design of your living room tiles and ways to set them up, you have landed at the perfect place. This blog is going to list some of the best living room ideas that are bound to inspire you.

    Add some extra seating

    There is always a shortage of space when we host our friends or family get-together at home. No matter how big your house is, when there is a lot of people around, it will seem less.


    Therefore, instead of going for oversized furniture, one should play smart. Accommodating extra seating will help create a cozy atmosphere.


    Install lots of light

    Introducing lights to your living room is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make the space look brighter and more prominent.


    Living room tiles design should be chosen accordingly. For example, picking colors that let the light spread uniformly would undoubtedly be a wise choice.

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    Introduce a lattice screen

    If you gave a large living room area that remains empty even after arranging your furniture spaciously, introducing a lattice screen would be an exceptional choice.


    That will allow you to divide the room into two spatial rooms, preferably between the living and the dining spaces. It would be best to choose your living room floor tiles that match your lattice screen to make the room look better.



    Metallic finishes to steal the charm

    Metallic finishes are undoubtedly aesthetic and soothing. You can easily get along with stainless steel finishes within some mirror frames, pendant lights, steel tables, minimal accessories on the wall, and so much more.


    To maintain uniformity, you can even go with such finishes on the doorknobs, cabinet handles, etc.


    Go for tall windows

    Double height living rooms give a very cozy vibe and have a charm of their own. They are glamorous, airy, and luxurious. While getting tall windows for your living. space.


    You also need to add some beautiful living room wall tiles to maintain the vibe. Installing tall window panels allow ample natural light to the area, which, in turn, makes sure that your room stays lit for the entire day.

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    The living room design ideas are usually quick to change and upgrade. However, some designs remain constant throughout. Most of the time, the beauty of minimalism comes to your rescue when you are worried about the designs you want to pick.


    The modern era with blooming styles needs more attention to the interior decor. The ideas listed above will surely help you turn your home into a productive abode that one can hardly complain about.


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  • Turn your home or office interiors natural with wood effect tiles 20Nov

    Turn your home or office interiors natural with wood effect tiles

    The modern-day era gets more magical every moment with its latest inventions. So, how about a natural touch to your otherwise boring home interiors? Yes, it is definitely possible! Try some wood effects tiles and bring nature to your doorstep.


    However, owing to the multiple options available online, it usually turns hard on the purchaser to decide one. This is exactly where you would feel the need for the best guidance. If you are worried about the same, shed all your worries because we are here to help!


    This blog is specifically designed with details that would help you purchase your wood effect tiles. It will guide you with all the necessary information to land on the perfect piece of tiles available in the market. Therefore, if you seek the same, we suggest you give it a read.

    Extraordinary wooden floor tiles designed for your living room

    No matter how you place wooden tiles into your interiors, they will definitely lend class to the look of your space. Wooden tiles in your living room would mimic an earthy outdoor finish.


    That would definitely translate your personality into your interior home decor. These wooden tiles are identical to natural material, which is why this is a fantastic way to connect with mother nature, which is almost half the investment. ENQUIRE NOW...


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    Cherry brown natural wood effect tiles

    Wood Effect tiles prove to be the best bet for homeowners who seek sensibility and style. A texture with such versatility that fears no bounds is an excellent way to curate into your interiors.


    Areas such as dining spaces or bedrooms generally have a chance of high footfall. Also, if such rooms are adorned with tiles that reflect a welcoming vibe, it would surely be like a cherry on top.


    Therefore, these cherry brown natural wooden floor tiles would look the best there. It adds a rustic yet polished look to the entire room. You can implement some contrasting floor rugs and statement wall art to add to the classy vibes of the space. ENQUIRE NOW...


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    Vintage wooden tiles

    Who doesn't like a little vintage to their otherwise traditional home interiors? This modernized era has successfully increased the number of vintage seekers. Such vintage wooden tiles would reflect a vibe that is neither excessive nor understated but the perfect one.


    This vintage latte ash wooden tile will give your interiors a rich and spacious look along with warmth and texture. It can be implemented into any part of your home and easily paired with other delicate and beautiful elements. ENQUIRE NOW...


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    When it comes to wooden tiles, the options are many and explorable. There is hardly any end to such a naturally appealing wood appearance that would fit just right into your millennial home charm. The above blog has listed some of the most famous formations that would suit almost every home. This would be ideal for any homeowner who wants to add a trendy look to their abode.


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  • Decorate your abode with exclusive  and beautiful white interiors 13Nov

    Decorate your abode with exclusive and beautiful white interiors

    White wall tiles remind you of the timeless classic and chic choice that anyone would prefer over others. It has topped the list of choices for countless homeowners till now and even dominates the market this day. The primary reason why many people prefer the thought of exclusive white interiors is the bright, warm, and minimal appearance it has to offer.


    Spending hours in a tiles showroom is useless if one does not know how to decorate the same. Therefore, proper assistance in that regard becomes a necessity. This blog will guide you with some of the most fashionable and modern home decor ideas to incorporate with their all-white and pristine interiors.


    Minimal living area

    This is the area after the kitchen where maintenance of white interiors can turn out to be pretty tough. However, if done right, this place can undoubtedly uplift the entire appearance.

    Try keeping your living room soaked in white and yet allow some light shades to bring out the contrast. You can try and decorate your living space with Charbhuja wall and floor tile.

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    Clean dining area

    You can keep the flooring of your dining area white and take a slight detour on the bar counter or the dining table.

    Choose the tiles of your dining area wisely. Prefer buying germ-free and scratch-proof tiles because they are ideally suited for the dining place.

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    White bedroom looks

    Your bedroom needs to reflect a calming and relaxing vibe. In such cases, white interiors will undoubtedly serve the best deal. You should try and keep the decor and space as minimal as possible for the bedroom.

    Try purchasing beds that will serve as a comforter. Also, keep your curtains, side tables, and floor mats in shades of white or other light hues so that they match the charming and comforting vibe too. You can implement colors by adding planters, lamps, etc. if that suits your preference too.

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    Pure and charming study area

    The study area is the place where one spends most of their productive hours. Therefore, this space needs to be relaxing and charming to allow production time. This place can function as an area that allows you to experiment a little bit with the shades, which is a slight diversion from classic white.

    However, it is recommended to not go far away from the primary color scheme. A wide white table will work perfectly when it comes to such an interior. You can also try wall-mounted lamps to suit the vibe.

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    Decorating an effortless home in modern and chic shades of white is undoubtedly beautiful. However, it can prove to be challenging at the same time. You can even try keeping the maximum area in white and natural shades and play with the rest. For example, you can try decorating your space with white floor tiles and try playing with wallpapers and accents such as plants, lamps, lounges, and a lot more. That will allow your interiors to be as beautiful as you want them to be.


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  • All you need to know before choosing tiles for your home in 2022 06Nov

    All you need to know before choosing tiles for your home in 2022

    Renovating homes is the new hype. It does not just help you give a new look to your homes, but functions as a therapy session. However, the multiple options available these days have turned this simple choice into a complex one. Such choices if taken in haste can lead to reverse effects that, in turn, will leave you in ambiguity.


    This further hardens to pull your visualized interiors into reality. Thus, though it appears quite easy to revamp your interiors, it can turn pretty challenging. Therefore, you might end up searching on endless options available on the internet or end up hiring an interior designer which might lead to huge expenses.


    However, this article will surely help you through such hard choices. It will list the important things you need to remember before you finalize your choice of tiles. It will guide you with far more efficient and economic options which will make your decision a lot easier. Thus, if you are yet to choose your floor tiles, we suggest you give you a read!


    Confirm your budget

    Budget plays the primary role in any decision. Therefore, you need to set a budget before you decide to renovate. Once you have finalized the budget, the whole decision turns out to be a lot easier. In that way, you can even get your hands on some of the best tile company in India. If you have your budget set right in front of you, the choice amongst the massive range of economic tiles will turn pretty simple.


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    Requirement and size

    Following the budget, the next crucial factor is the size and requirement. In case you have decided to change the wall tiles or tiles in every nook and corner, then there is not much to worry about. However, if it is just a part or corner, then both size and needs play a pretty important role.

    Selecting the perfect material

    Whether it is about your bathroom tiles or requirement for any other corner, you need to pick the right material. This can turn out to be pretty difficult if you are not well researched regarding the type of material available. Thus, extensive research in this regard is undoubtedly necessary.


    Choosing the right tile and grouting

    The best way to pick up the perfect tile and find ideal grouting is to visualize the same in your head and forward as per your instincts. However, if you fail in doing so, a lot of digital visualizers are available that can aid you in your decision-making. Thereby, you will be able to reach a conclusion effortlessly.