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  • Burberry Beige Tiles Made Simple: What You Need to Know 06Oct

    Burberry Beige Tiles Made Simple: What You Need to Know


    Burberry Beige tiles are in extraordinary interest now-a-days. These are delicate shade tiles, having current and exact look. Burberry beige tiles for walls and floors are typically in tones like beige, white and light shade of grey and blue are great decisions. These tiles are available in different patterns too, such as plain crack design, veins and more. The best quality of these tiles is that these are resist breaking and cracking.


    Burberry tiles are available in a wide range of texture, designs and colour to enhance the beauty of you houses.

    These are available as:

    • Burberry Beige wall tiles, which gone give your walls vintage look, and
    • Burberry Beige floor tiles to make your floor look smooth and gleaming.



    Though, these tiles look classy in lounge area and give it a royal look and in bedrooms too. These tiles are also seeming formal and gorgeous in offices and give goof vibes. People prefer Burberry beige tiles for flooring and walls as they look more elegant, and the light vibrant colour make the space look more spacious.

    Such tiles result best for rooms, bathrooms, lounge area, as well as offices. In case you have less space, these tiles will turn into best decision.


    • Wide scope of plans and wraps up
    • Looks more extravagant and more stupendous
    • Cost saving and zero wastage
    • Consistent and enduring



    For best material quality you can trust the best organization only and all things considered the first reference came as a top priority is as a matter-of-fact Charbhuja Tiles is truly an outstanding furthermore, confided in organization and maker for tiles and stones. 

    Charbhuja Tiles is a prestigious association, had practical experience in the deals and appropriation of tiles and stones. Such administrations are as of now presented to all experts, stockrooms, and the overall population. They have an experience of more than 63 years.

    They have developed to embrace market drifts now and again and, in this manner, extending our item list. That is how they are covering the largest scope of vitrified tiles for development, from the most fundamental to the last vital supplement. They need to ensure that our customers can make their ventures and fulfil their necessities until the last completion. Along with Burberry Tiles, Charbhuja Tiles have a multiple tile according to your home and your taste.



    An everyday person works their house with parcel of difficult work, aspiration and dream in their eyes and we accept that they merit the best. We give helpful and unequivocal designs to engage our customers to pick the most proper materials for their assignments from a wide arrangement of things. Our fundamental objective is to meet customer essentials and satisfaction. 


    Charbhuja is one stop association for your over all requests and want you are searching for your fantasy house. As we comprehend your necessities and work with our entire heart only for you.



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  • Why the Bottochino Tiles Business Is Flirting with Disaster 26Sep

    Why the Bottochino Tiles Business Is Flirting with Disaster

    Looking for stylish and luxurious tiles for your dream house? You must have a look at Bottochino Tiles. We can guarantee you that any individual who check out your place or visit your place won’t be able to take their eyes off.


    With regards to quality and style, there isn't anything more lavish than Bottochino tiles that have a characteristic beige tone blended with novel earthy coloured veins. These tiles are ideal for both indoor and open-air flooring. This assortment of marble has its foundations in the Bottichino town in Italy,  and trust us, your home will convey those energies on the off chance that you bring these tiles home. You may think Bottochino tiles are costly, however that is not actually the situation.


    The shiny structure gives your room a beautiful reflection and light brownish or nude shade makes your room look more spacious and royal. These tiles will make your workplace too look classier and more stylish.


    Such pretty and positive environment will make the employees work happily.


    • LOOK: Light shade of these tiles make the appearance look illustrious.
    • COLOR: Nude and light brownish shade of Bottochino Natural tiles are looks smoothing and gorgeous.
    • DENSITY: These tiles have good density and won't break easily.



    Bottochino tiles are available in a wide range, so you don't have to make a choice.

    These tiles can be used as;

    • Bottochino wall tiles
    • Bottochino porcelain tiles
    • Bottochino floor tiles

    These tiles can be utilized in a wide range of spaces, be it lounge rooms, restrooms and even kitchens. These Bottochino tiles can be utilized in washrooms to make it look exquisite and pretty. This sort of marble look is immortal and never leaves design. The tiles can add style to more modest restrooms. They are additionally simpler to clean and don't need as much maintenance.



    • Bottochino tiles are scratch resistant
    • Have long durability
    • Won't get fade for years and years
    • It's beautiful colour and texture make the look delightful.



    While building a house you look after everything and want everything to be on mark, whether it's furniture, accessory, or tiles.

    Keeping that in mind Charbhuja Tiles which is renowned organization, specialized, and in the sales and distribution of tiles and Italian tiles.

    Having an experience of more than 63 years. They also have best deal of Bottochino tiles and its supply.



    A common man builds their house with lot of hard work, ambition, and dream in their eyes, and we believe that they deserve the best. We give useful and unequivocal plans to empower our clients to pick the most appropriate materials for their tasks from a wide assortment of items. Our essential goal is to meet client prerequisites and fulfilment. Charbhuja is one stop organization for your overall demands and desire you are looking for your dream house. As we understand your needs and work with our whole heart just for you..




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  • Tiles for office flooring? Why choose cost effective ceramic tiles as an option. 17Sep

    Tiles for office flooring? Why choose cost effective ceramic tiles as an option.

    It's no secret that our offices are where we spend a lot of time. In fact, it is important to select the right kind of tile if you want your office to be a happy place. It has been suggested that choosing the right ceramic tiles for your office will contribute to raising productivity and employee morale while also reducing corporate stress. However, what should people consider before choosing their ceramic tile?


    The types of high-quality tile include traditional wood floors, concrete floors, and stone floors. Ceramic tile is one of the most popular choices for flooring in the office. If you are looking for durability, ceramic tiles will be your best option. The tiles can handle stress and heavy weight without showing signs of wear and tear. Ceramic is also easy to clean and has a reputation of being able to withstand dirt and stains well. In addition, ceramic tiles have a sleek appearance that gives any room a modern look. In fact, if your building already has ceramic floors in it, chances are you have been taking advantage of ceramic's durability and beautiful appearance for years now.

    You can also use ceramic tiles to create innovative designs in your office. There are many different styles of ceramic tile that you can choose from. For instance, accent tiles with designs like old-fashioned (brick) or slate patterns, as well as mosaic tiles made of various attractive natural materials. One thing to consider is the size of the room and the functionality of each room. You can then determine if you want your office to look elegant or contemporary with sleek lines and geometric patterns, or if you want it to look more traditional with vintage looks like marble, rustic variations, and brick designs.


    To an extent, it is also important to consider the budget and your personal style. Although ceramic tiles are efficient and durable, you do want to make sure that you go for a top-quality tile so that it lasts longer. You will likely need to replace your tile at some point so choosing a good quality one will save you time and money in the process.

    Once you have decided on what kind of design and size of tile you want, it is now time to choose which type of ceramic tiles that will work best for your office. The first thing that prospective buyer should look for when purchasing their tiles is durability. Ceramic tiles can withstand heavy traffic, as well as stains and humidity as long as they are sealed properly.


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  • A Close Glance At Ceramic And Porcelain Tiles 10Sep

    A Close Glance At Ceramic And Porcelain Tiles

    Looking at that beautiful kitchen and bathroom floors and walls at your friend’s house? Those are either made of ceramic or porcelain tiles. You can have them on your house walls or floors too. But for that, we need to understand and recognize both the tiles specifically. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are available in different colors and designs and are very elegant to look at. Both are often confused with each other. But let us find the difference between them.

    Elements Of Differences Between Ceramic And Porcelain Tile
    • PACKAGING: The packaging method can help you figure out whether the tiles in question are ceramic or porcelain.
    • THE FINISHING: The finish of a ceramic tile will feel coarse whereas that of porcelain will be smoother.
    • COLOR: Porcelain tile has color uniformity throughout whereas ceramic tile appears glazy from the surface with colorful chips.
    • DENSITY: Ceramic tiles are less dense than porcelain tiles and thus feels lighter too.
    Advantages Of Using Porcelain Tile

    Porcelain is constructed under very high pressure and is baked at higher temperatures in the kiln which gives it several noteworthy traits.

    • DURABILITY: Dense porcelain tiles are more durable and can withstand damage when compared to ceramic tiles which make them suitable for residential and commercial use.
    • WATER RESISTANCE: Porcelain tile is impermeable to water up to a large extent, unlike ceramic tiles which are highly water absorbent.
    • THROUGH-BODY COMPOSITION: As a result of color uniformity throughout the dull porcelain tile, tiny chips may not be as noticeable as they would have been on a glazy ceramic tile.
    • DENSITY: Ceramic tiles are less dense than porcelain tiles and thus feels lighter too.
    Disadvantages Of Using Porcelain Tile
    • CUTTING: Not everyone can cut a porcelain tile piece flawlessly. Porcelain is very strong and thus needs a special tool for cutting. Therefore it can be disadvantageous for a non-professional.
    • COST: Porcelain tile costs higher than ceramic tile in terms of manufacturing. Therefore not everyone can afford it. Although in terms of quality, it is worth it.
    Advantages Of Using Ceramic Tile
    • LESS EXPENSIVE: Ceramic tiles are less expensive than porcelain tiles.
    • SMOOTH CUTTING: Ceramic tiles can be used or cut by any first timer as they are comparatively easier to cut than porcelain tiles.
    • TEXTURE: There are textures on some ceramic tile surfaces which make it appear visually deep such as waves, ripples, etc.
    Disadvantages Of Using Ceramic Tile
    • POROUS: Ceramic tiles are porous and highly water absorbent which makes them less desirable for external applications.
    • LESS DURABLE: Ceramic tile cannot be used in high-traffic areas as it is not as durable as porcelain.
    Bottom Line

    The bottom line is that porcelain and ceramic tiles have their advantages and disadvantages which makes them unique and different from one another. Porcelain and ceramic tiles can be used for different purposes according to suitability, durability, cost, and water resistance characteristics of both. So, the next time you decide to get that beautiful floor you saw at your friend’s house and you think of which tile piece to consider, just go through this article, analyze it well and shop well. All the very best!


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  • Latest Interior Design Ideas with Armani Brown Tiles 03Sep

    Latest Interior Design Ideas with Armani Brown Tiles

    Searching for the latest designer tiles? Confused between so many interior tiles designs around you? Then check out Armani brown tile for a change. With the seamless texture and unique colour pattern, these tiles will add some more elegance to your home. Brown as a tile colour is much underrated till now but it can look as better as black or grey tiles on the floor or wall. Especially, if the wall colour is light, Armani browns stone would make justice.

    Uses of Armani Brown Tile

    For flooring

    Brown floor tiles are suitable for the living room or kitchen with a contrast of light-coloured walls. Armani brown tiles texture is quite minimal and matt. As for house flooring, there is a guarantee of durability and easy maintenance.

    When you’re going to choose floor tiles you need to remember that the room size matters for the flooring. As the Armani brown Italian tiles is available in different sizes, you can choose them irrespective of the floor dimension. Italian tiles are on the top list now to design the home flooring.

    For kitchen

    Kitchen tiles for flooring or wall renovation are in high demand now to add a renovated look.

    It is better to choose tiles that are non-porous and tolerate high temperatures. Also, it is better to choose tiles that are easy to clean. And all these requirements are fulfilled by Armani kitchen tiles. If you want to pick designer tiles for your kitchen, you are good to go with them as Italian tiles are always in trend.

    For walls

    Coming to the Armani brown tiles for wall decoration, it is a suitable choice. With a minimal design and smooth finish, they work well especially for the kitchen, bathroom, or exterior wall design. According to the Armani brown tiles price, it is budget-friendly.

    Don’t go for living room or bedroom decoration with Armani brown stone as they have a matt finish and there are not many textures available.

    Advantages of using Armani brown Italian tiles
    • With the trend of less is more, a sophisticated wall or flooring is what people are looking for. Keeping this fact in mind, Armani brown tile is a good choice to make.
    • Secondly, if you’re concerned with the price, Armani brown tiles price is not too high. Compared to the durability and quality they’re offering, you can pick these tiles. You need to visit two to three places before you make the final decision.
    • Thirdly, coming to the Armani brown tiles texture, this is one of the key features for which they are in demand. The subtle white veining on the brown background goes with the kitchen or bathroom flooring well enough.
    • Following with the last point, interior tiles are durable and due to the white veining helps to hide stains or cracks. Also, you can be assured about the long term durability. As these tiles are made of porcelain, so it is easy to clean.

    Now check out some latest Armani brown tiles designs from here.


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  • Best Armani Beige Tiles for a high-quality Flooring 28Aug

    Best Armani Beige Tiles for a high-quality Flooring

    To add eye-catching flooring to your home or office, Armani Beige tiles is a good choice. Beige tiles are famous for interior as well as exterior design for their classy look and durable performance. If you’re planning to visit a tiles showroom, it is better to plan r requirements first.

    In the China stone market, this marle is also known as Adalya Armani Tiles.

    Where you can use Armani beige Italian tiles?

    These are not only used as one of the best tiles for home but also used to decorate the exterior walls, fountains, pools, or floor applications. You can pick them for bathroom wall tiles as well. Generally, there are different shades available in grey, white, or pale yellow. From Armani grey tiles texture seamless to Armani beige Italian tiles, they are high in demand.

    You can decorate kitchen floor tiles or wall tiles with these types of solid tiles. The advantage is, they are easy to clean and maintain. Also, it is easy to hide any kind of stains or accidental crack due to their casual designs.

    If you’re planning to give a new look to your outdoor pathway or garden sidewalk, you can use Armani beige tile that is also available in slab size. You might not find different textures or designs for these tiles as they come in a regular pattern. But, it is better to apply sustainable Tiles for exterior use to prevent them from dust, rain or stains.

    In addition, these tiles are also available to decorate your bathroom wall tiles. You can maintain these tiles that come with less grouting and are water-resistant. You need to match the size according to the size of your bathroom. Choosing the right size can even let the bathroom look bigger than its actual size. Armani grey tiles price is quite budget-friendly and suitable for bathroom wall tiles as well.

    When you’re searching for the tiles shop near me, find a store where each kind of tile is available to add the desired look. So, you can visit Charbhuja Tiles any day to meet the match. Coming to the kitchen floor tiles design, there are a handful of options available in the market. Now, if you have a soft corner for the Armani beige Italian tiles, you can choose the light grey or bronze color for a unique design.

    So, you can understand that almost everywhere you can add this Armani beige tile as they are almost versatile in usability. But why so? Here are the top reasons in the next section.

    Advantages of Armani Beige Tiles
    • To add elegance to the floor or wall, Armani beige Italian tile is one of the best choices. It has a matt finish with minimal design or texture. From professional workspace to personal kitchen or bathroom, beige tiles have versatile usability.
    • These tiles are made of porcelain and are 100% non-porous. So you can easily use them as bathroom wall tiles or kitchen floor tiles. In addition, these tiles won’t absorb grease, odours, or bacteria and you’ll get a fresh vibe every time.
    • For the best tiles for home, you need to maintain a balance between the budget, availability, and quality. Armani tiles are reasonable to use for home decoration.
    • Also, these tiles are available in almost all the local tiles showrooms. So, you can always check the quality and price from different places before finalising. Even if there are not many patterns available in these Armani tiles, but the fine finish and smooth surface would definitely b satisfying to use at home.

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  • Stylish Floor Designs that are Sure to Sweep You Off Your Feet 20Aug

    Stylish Floor Designs that are Sure to Sweep You Off Your Feet

    Have you recently shifted to a new home or apartment and the décor does not suits your taste? Well, if the décor of the house leaves you to scratch your head, ensure to look down. It might be the old floor tiles that give a dull look to the décor. From traditional designs to modern patterns, here we offer you a wide range of tiling ideas that can transform the décor from boring to wow-worthy. These ideas of tile patterns are exactly what your floor needs for a fresh look.

    Sweater floor pieces for your kids’ room

    Of course, porcelain tiles come with graphic prints similar to the carpets, and this sweater is the homey and perfect choice if you install it in your living room and play areas. The tiles come with an excellent mix and match that makes your space cozy and welcoming.

    Basket weave patterned floor tile

    The tiles got their name from their resemblance, the texture of a woven basket. Since these tiles are water-resistant, it makes up the best porcelain tiles for bathrooms. You can use the tiles to cover the upper wall and ceiling of the shower stall.

    Patterned porcelain tiles for a wood-like look

    If you love the wooden look and carve for the durability of the porcelain tiles, opting for the patterned wood-effect porcelain tiles is the best option. While the flooring offers a glimpse of warm, natural walnut planks, these porcelain tiles are water and scratch-resistant. The best part is that the floor gives you a feeling of wood like underfoot and not cold tile.

    Two-tone patterned floor tile for kitchen

    If you want to give your kitchen a fresh and artistic look, going for the two-toned tiles combining blue and white colors is the best choice. Moreover, décor experts are of the view that every room must incorporate some patterns. These porcelain tiles for the kitchen are the best choice, as they do not appear overly designed or visually cluttered.

    Vintage wood plank tiles

    Porcelain tiles that look like wood do not always come in natural browns and sands. You can opt for the white-washed versions, too, as the vintage wood tiles. White wood-like tiles offer your room the popular soothing Scandinavian look. Moreover, adding white tiles in the interior also makes the room look larger and brighter, as they reflect light. If you are planning to refresh your bedroom, these are a great choice.

    White and red retreat

    The white and red combination of porcelain tiles is a perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms, as it offers a clean and chick finish. While the black and white combination is popular nowadays, but the red and white combo is sure to give a unique look to your space.

    Rustic touch to your patio

    With the advancements in digital printing technology, you can use porcelain tiles outdoor for paving. Moreover, you get various colored options and a textured finish. The warmth and depth of the color are sure to create a striking backdrop, and the large format design is ideal for increasing the feeling of space even if you have a small patio.


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  • Best Tile Ideas For Home Renovation For 2022 13Aug

    Best Tile Ideas For Home Renovation For 2022

    When you move into a new house, it does not matter whether the previous owners left it in pristine condition; it will never feel like it is entirely yours until you made it according to your taste and personality. Of course, the easiest way to give your house a makeover is to redecorate the walls, painting them, or applying wallpaper that suits your style and personality. You can also opt for some fantastic tiles ideas to redecorate your walls and floors.

    Here are some budget-friendly tiles that are sure to give your new home a new makeover.

    Porcelain tiles

    A porcelain tile is made from clay, which makes them stronger, heavier, and denser. You can avail both these tiles in a variety of colors, patterns, finishes, and textures. As these are stain and water-resistant, they are easy to maintain. They are the best tiles for home as they do not crack or chip easily.

    Terracotta tiles

    These tiles impart a warm, rustic and earthy look to your home. They are best for both indoors and outdoors and are available in various sizes and shapes. However, these tiles are highly porous since these tiles absorb moisture and hence require periodic sealing.

    Natural stone tiles

    If you love the look of the natural stone, but find it an expensive flooring option, then opt for natural stone tiles. Our tiles showroom has all-natural stone materials such as marble, granite, and Kota in the form of pre-polished tiles. The best part of using natural stone tiles is that they are very strong, highly durable, and enhance your house's aura.

    Patterned and solid ceramic tile

    Ceramic tiles last longer and are hence easier to maintain. They are striking herringbone patterns, colorful graphics, and even in all white. Moreover, these are versatile and an excellent way to express your style, making them a great option as bathroom wall tiles. You can avail varied designs from traditional and transitional to modern and vintage-inspired at the famous tiles company in Delhi.

    Matt black brickwork

    If the dark and moody kitchen trends attract you, black tiles are a great choice. Instead of a glossy look, try opting for the matt tiles, which offer your kitchen a more up-to-date finish.

    Floating wood tile

    Floating wooden tiles are a unique style of flooring, offering a unique style to your entire house, including the kitchen. While floating floors are available in different materials, one of the most popular is the engineered woods. These tiles are connected instead of the subfloor, which is an excellent option for kitchen floor tiles, as you do not need to tear the old kitchen floor.

    Reclaimed wood

    Wooden tiles are durable for scratches, spills, and dirt, making them an excellent choice for your kitchen. Once installed, they look good for several years. Wooden tiles are easy to clean, versatile, hold water and moisture, and easy to maintain.


    If you plan to renovate your home or give the newly brought property a makeover as per your personality, opting for tile coverings is the best choice. Try to mix different types of tiles for your house floor and wall coverings. At Charbhuja Tiles, we have all the best and branded tiles.


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  • Stylish Wall and Floor Tiling Solutions for Your Bathrooms 06Aug

    Stylish Wall and Floor Tiling Solutions for Your Bathrooms

    Have your bathroom tiles worn out, and you are running after bathroom tile ideas? They are an easy way to upgrade your bathrooms without renovating the entire area. A new bathroom tile design is sure to add a new dimension to your bathroom instantly and adds color and pattern to your current suite. Tiled bathroom walls are simple and effective, as they offer the perfect opportunity to get creative with different colors, patterns, and textures.

    Here are some of the best tiling solutions that would sparkle your bathroom.

    Subway tiles

    These alternatively shaped tiles are around for around a decade. However, with the emerging new colors and different tiling techniques, subway tiles are still the most preferred wall tiles for the bathroom. With subway tiles, the options are endless, as it depends entirely on the look you are choosing. You can lay these tiles in nine different ways.

    Mosaic tiles

    Mosaics are one of the most versatile tiles that work with any bathroom design. If you choose the tiles from the best bathroom wall tiles in Delhi, you can avail them in different colors and finishes, including matte and gloss.

    Fish scale tiles

    You can avail these tiles in both white and a different color. However, multicolored fish scale tiles are the best choice, which can transport you back to your Moroccan holidays. The color combinations are sure to hold you back in the bath for some extra time.

    Leaf tiles

    Although old, these are beautiful in their unique way. The unusual shape of the tiles makes a feature wall pop. If you wanted to embrace a natural style in your home, the tile is the best choice.

    Matte tiles

    While the traditional tiles have a glossy finish, the matte bathroom tiles in Delhi offer a new look to your bathroom. It is a great way to add some extra refined style to your bathroom.

    Vintage tiles

    Are you living in a federation home or an inner-city industrial lofty apartment? Whatever the living area, vintage tiles with some modern finishes ensure that your interior aesthetics remain consistent throughout your home.

    Floral tiles

    The floral tiles are not always roses and daisies. These digital tiles for bathrooms can take you back to the European summers in Portugal. You can also look for a more vintage feel, which gives your bathroom a fresh and unique look.

    Uneven tiles

    Gone are the days when you opt for crisp white and clean lines in your bathrooms. Adding life and designing your bathroom for an inviting and lived-in is the new trend. The pattern makes it appear that all the tiles in the bathroom are individually laid, which gives the room a unique glam vibe.

    Pastel tiles

    Pastel tiles come in a lot of colors, and you can pick any color for your bathroom. The colors soothe and calm your mind and also enhances the aura of your bathroom. You can pair it with a bit of gold metallic tapware.


    Ensure to choose a suitable tile that matches your interior and personality from the best tiles company in Delhi. We have a lot of options in terms of material, color, patterns, and textures.


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  • Are You Thinking Of Installing Floor And Wall Tiles? Here Are Some Of The Differences You Must Consider 29Jul

    Are You Thinking Of Installing Floor And Wall Tiles? Here Are Some Of The Differences You Must Consider

    Often when we visit a tiles showroom and inquire about the difference between the floor and wall tiles. However, we get the same answer every time- floor tiles and floors while the wall tiles are for walls. It is not valid, and both the varieties of tiles are entirely different from each other.

    Here is the difference between the floor and wall tiles.

    Durability to sustain pressure

    Have you often experienced the breaking, wearing, and tearing of wall tiles and not the kitchen floor tiles? It is because your floor tiles are more durable, resistant to wear and tear, and has more ability to sustain pressure than the wall tiles. Although the wall tiles are also durable, they cannot maintain pressure similar to the floor tiles.

    Manufacturing process

    Have you ever glanced at the bathroom or kitchen walls? Often you will find that the walls have a high gloss finish. Do you know why? The manufacturers apply a hardened glaze, which makes them impervious to water. Besides, these glossy tiles are safer on walls than on floors. Wall tiles often contain embellishments, designs, and even inlays that are entirely for decorative purposes, absent in regular floor tiles.

    Usage and maintenance

    Wall tiles cannot bear and a lot of weight and are hence used exclusively for walls. Moreover, they are also easy to clean and durable. Therefore they are great options for those areas that experience high water and moisture, such as bathroom walls and kitchen sink backsplashes.

    On the other hand, floor tiles can withstand tremendous pressure, abrasive and corrosive liquids. Hence, floor tiles are the most suitable in high traffic areas and paving tiles. Wall tiles are smaller and lightweight, as heavy tiles are difficult to install on a vertical surface.

    PEI rating scheme

    Another significant difference between floor and wall tiles is their standing to the Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) rating scheme, which defines hardness and durability. Wall tiles often tend to have to underrate or, at the most, cop a Group 1 rating, as they are ideal for low traffic areas. On the other hand, floor tiles have a higher rating depending on whether they are used in residence or high-traffic commercial areas.

    Coefficient of friction (COF)

    COF ratings help in defining the type of tile that goes on walls or floorings. Every type of tile, such as ceramic porcelain or even your favorite matt finish tiles has a specific COF rating. Floor tiles must have a minimum level of friction so that people can easily walk on them, referred to as the “Coefficient of friction” or COF. Wall tiles can be as slick as glass, as friction is not an issue since traction is not a concern.


    The difference between the floor and wall tiles is critical, as it can break and make the functionality of your space. Ensure that the tiles installed on a floor must have high PEI and COF friction ratings.


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  • Get the Best Commercial Tiles Ideas for Office 22Jul

    Get the Best Commercial Tiles Ideas for Office

    Are you wondering about the best tiles for office to redecorate the corporate places? In this article, we have covered the top 5 commercial tiles to help you choose the design of the relevant tiles.

    It is important for the office areas to decorate properly to give a comfortable yet professional workspace. Floor tiles for office and wall tiles for office are in demand for their durability and unique style. And guess what! There is more than one type specifically for corporate use. Let’s find out their features.

    Why use different tiles for the office?

    Home decoration and corporate sector decoration is different in their purpose and design. Commercial floor tiles or wall tiles design for office are more minimal, durable, and engaging. It needs to withstand more public traffic, stain, dust, and resistance.

    Let’s check out the commercial floor tiles and wall tiles for office in the following section.

    Top 5 Tiles for Office

    Commercial Carpet Tiles

    Commercial carpet tiles are one of the most popular tiles for office use. These floor tiles for office are specially designed for those who spend maximum work hours on their feet. It has different colour shades and shapes to fit perfectly in the office floors and match with the walls as well.

    These commercial carpet tiles are mostly used in deep colour shades to resist dust and stains. Also, these need to be vacuumed daily. It also provides protection. Another advantage of these carpet tiles is their sustainability and reusability.

    Slate Tiles

    For informal office areas or commercial rooms, slate tiles are one of the best choices, The best part is, you can use slate tiles both as wall tiles design for office and floor tiles for office. It adds a look of simplicity and class to the walls and floor. Also, these tiles are extremely stain-resistant and can withstand heavy footfall along with 100% fire resistance.

    Slate tiles are available in various sizes and colours. As these tiles are made of natural stone, there is a guarantee of long durability. Generally, slate tiles are available in a matt finish. There are natural stone tiles available as commercial tiles. Although they are not an ideal choice for office use, you can use them in high footfall areas.

    Vinyl Tiles

    Vinyl tiles are budget-friendly and cover a large area. If you want to choose commercial floor tiles that can resist stains and scratches, go for luxury vinyl tiles. They are available in multiple colours and shapes. Also, it can be installed simply and maintained easily. All the basic requirements for floor tiles for office are satisfied by these vinyl tiles.

    Dura Stone Tiles

    If you’re looking for tiles for office in an open-air space, then pick dura stone tiles. These tiles are available in bigger sizes and can cover the floor for a longer time. Commercial places like lounge or parking areas, these commercial floor tiles are perfect.

    Ceramic Tiles

    For a smart and simple appearance in the flooring, ceramic tiles are a good option. They need low maintenance and have versatile availability. Also, it is a water-resistant tile and is known for keeping the floor cooler. Thus it makes ceramic office tiles best to pick. If you’re looking for a wide range of textures for commercial floor tiles, go for ceramic.


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  • Top Kitchen Flooring Ideas in 2021 14Jul

    Top Kitchen Flooring Ideas in 2021

    Modern kitchen floor tiles are gaining popularity among people in recent years. There are new styles, textures, and decoration ideas coming every day. And to make a good-looking kitchen, flooring is also important along with a modern kitchen setup.

    Are you also looking for kitchen floor tiles ideas? Follow this quick article to get a transparent idea about all the kitchen floor tiles available in the market and then you can decide which one to choose easily.

    Kitchen Floor Tiles Ideas:

    Ceramic Tiles


    • Ceramic is always the first preference in tiles for kitchen floor. You can get different colour textures, patterns and sizes in this kitchen floor tiles design.
    • It is easy with the ceramic tiles to clean and wipe off. For this kitchen floor tile texture in its material, there remain no rough spots.
    • As these tiles are hard, they can withstand heavy traffic. So if you want to use ceramic tiles for restaurant kitchen floor tiles, you can easily do so.


    • The only drawback in ceramic tiles is, you need to give daily effort to keep them clean
    Concrete Tiles


    • Concrete tiles are one of the most durable and long-lasting kitchen floor tiles ideas. Concrete flooring can provide the guarantee to not break easily. Also, it prevents the kitchen from getting dumped, especially in the monsoon.
    • These tiles are available mostly in bigger sizes and they can give an ultra-modern look to your kitchen.


    • Different kitchen floor tiles designs are not available in this category, unlike other tiles options. Also, you can get greyish colour tones mostly for these concrete floor tiles.
    • These tiles are likely to get stained easily.
    Hardwood Flooring


    • If you want to match the kitchen flooring with the cabinets or shelves, hardwood flooring is a good option. It gives a sophisticated look to the kitchen flooring.
    • Wooden flooring makes a great kitchen floor tiles texture with yellow-brown and chocolate brown colour options.
    • It is easy to clean the floor.


    • Hardwood flooring tends to get damaged easily. Also, it is unable to protect the kitchen from damping.
    • Wooden tiles for kitchen floor are not much water or fluid-resistant.
    Porcelain Tiles


    • Porcelain kitchen floor tiles ideas are in trend now. These tiles have both glaze and matt finish.
    • These tiles for kitchen floor is made with strong and durable ceramic materials. So, it can give durability like concrete tiles and there is more kitchen floor tiles texture available in this type.
    • It is easy to clean and due to its smooth finish, any damage cannot be seen in these tiles.


    • The main problem with porcelain tiles is, it is non-porous and cannot absorb water and any stain marks. So, you need to keep them dry and clean daily.
    Which kitchen floor tiles are better?

    Apart from these four types, there are travertine tiles, terracotta tiles, and vinyl flooring options. But considering the durability and texture, it is better to choose from these four kitchen floor tiles designs.


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  • Reasons to Choose Branded Tiles over Local Tiles 06Jul

    Reasons to Choose Branded Tiles over Local Tiles

    Home or office decoration find new definitions with the tiles. There are so many tiles company in Delhi where you can get branded floor tiles as well as local tiles. But branded tiles in India come with some specific advantages.

    So, if you choose branded tiles from any tiles showroom, you can avail best features of it.

    Advantages of Branded Floor Tiles
    • Availability: You can find the best tiles in India almost everywhere in the country. Local tiles are available only in some selected areas. Also, you can get branded tiles anytime from the best tiles company in India, unlike limited local tiles stock.

    • Different Size and Colour: When you search for tiles shop near me, always check if they keep branded floor tiles. Although, local tiles offer more colours and texture compared to the best tiles in India where you can get some standard designs. But, when you’re looking for different standard sizes like 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 18, and 24 inches, the best tiles company in India can fulfil that demand.

    • Durability and Guarantee: The material used in different branded tiles in India varies from the materials in local brands found in the tiles showroom. All these branded tiles come with more durability and the company provides a long-time guarantee with them. So the branded tiles in India have a high price, but if you see the big picture, they will last for a long time.

    • Uniform Price: Local tiles have different prices in different places, but the branded tiles in India have a uniform price range anywhere. Nobody can manipulate the price declared by the branded tiles company in Delhi or in any other place. So the chance of fraud is reduced. Also, there is a logo signature in branded tiles, unlike the local tiles.

    Tips to Choose Best Tiles in India

    It is normal to get confused between so many options, both online and in tiles showroom. So here are some quick tips for you to get the best tiles.

    What are the best tiles in India for the floor?

    Generally, tiles are used mostly to decorate the floor. It can be home or office flooring, outdoor flooring, pavement tiles, etc. Each purpose has a different tiles option. It is important to understand the purpose before looking for the branded floor tiles.

    Tiles are durable and at the same time, it adds sophistication. Generally, marble, ceramic, sandstone tiles are popular for flooring. Choose tiles size according to the room, texture according to the ceiling and wall colour.

    Best tiles in India for wall

    For backsplash flooring, a wall tile is a good option. There are the latest tiles ideas for the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms. Subway or ceramic tiles are popular in wall tiles. It protects the wall and helps to decorate the outdoor and indoor walls.

    In this article, you’ll get to know the difference between branded tiles and local tiles and how to choose the best tiles in India.


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  • Get the Most Durable Double Charged Vitrified Tiles for Your Home 29Jun

    Get the Most Durable Double Charged Vitrified Tiles for Your Home

    Looking for an alternative to marble and granite flooring? What about vitrified double charge tiles? These tiles will add an extraordinary look to your home flooring. It is not easy to construct or renovate a home with so many options available in the market.

    In this article, we are going to present some amazing double charge floor tiles ideas you can use. So, let’s get started.

    What is Double Charge Vitrified Tiles

    Vitrified double charge tiles are a special type of ceramic tiles that have low porosity. It is the rate of void spaces in a rock. Double charge vitrified tiles manufacturers use a mixture of silica, feldspar, clay, and quartz these tiles. As these vitrified tiles double charge have low porosity, it can be effective for your house. How? See the next segment.

    Advantages of Double Charge Vitrified Tiles
    • Due to low porosity, these tiles are efficient to prevent any water stains on the wall or floor.
    • Vitrified tiles double charge are pocket-friendly than marble tiles.
    • These tiles are more durable and easily maintained.
    • There are different double charge tiles designs are available.

    Types of Double Charge Tiles

    You will find four types of tiles from the double charge tiles manufacturer. Each of these tiles has its own double charge tiles design. Let us quickly see all the types of double charge floor tiles.

    Full Body Vitrified Tiles

    This double charge tile has uniform colour throughout the body. So throughout life, the colour won’t fade and it is durable for outdoor uses. For example, you can use these tiles in the backyard of the house. However, they are expensive and come in limited design.

    Soluble Salt Vitrified Tiles

    Soluble salt vitrified tiles are printed with screen printing technology and then polished. It is not the design of the very latest tiles for the home. Also, it tends to fade after few years.

    So, after these two types, you need to know, what you can choose for your home that can avoid all these disadvantages. Check out the double charge tiles design here.

    Double Charge Vitrified Tiles

    Coming to the double charge floor tiles, it is one of the most popular vitrified tiles for home flooring. Two types of colours are fed into the machine to get a pattern with a double layer of pigment. This is one of the most durable vitrified tiles with a variety range of double charge tile design.

    You can find the best double charge vitrified tiles manufacturer here to get the latest vitrified tiles double charge for exclusive flooring

    Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT)

    GVT tiles or digital vitrified tiles are finished with a glazed surface that allows any type of design, surface textures, etc. You can get attracted by this type of tile at first but there are some disadvantages.

    Let’s see GVT vs double charge tiles comparison in the next segment.

    GVT vs Double Charge Tiles

    Although both of them are two different types of vitrified tiles, there are some differences between them that you should know before buying them.

    • Glazed vitrified tiles are expensive than double charge floor tiles.
    • Double charge vitrified tiles are more durable than GVT and the glaze also reduces in some years.
    • GVT cannot resist scratches as much compared to the vitrified double charge tiles.

    If you are interested in buying from a trustworthy double charge tiles manufacturer, you can visit this place. Check all the necessary elements before buying double charge vitrified tiles.


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  • Choose the Right Paving Tiles Designs with These Useful Tips 23Jun

    Choose the Right Paving Tiles Designs with These Useful Tips

    Are you looking for the best outdoor paving tiles texture for the backyard or poolside in your home? Tired of searching for paving tiles near me on the internet?

    Have a look at this quick article to get some distinct decoration ideas with paving tiles texture, interlock paving tiles texture, etc.

    What is Paving Tiles

    As the name suggests, paving tile is a special type of modern tiles that are used to spruce up outdoor pavements like poolside, or backyard, or lawn. Paving tiles come in different colours, textures, and sizes to lift the decor of any pavement.

    Before searching for paving tiles near me, let’s see some important tips that would help to choose the right paving tiles designs.

    Tips to Choose Suitable Paving Tiles

    Check for the right style

    With respect to the place, different paving tiles textures are suitable. Before buying any tiles, check the place and think which styles suits it best. It will make the place either over-decorated or minimal according to the right paving tiles designs. Don’t get confused between paving tiles and pavers. Paving tiles are smaller than pavers. Also, pavers are thicker in size.

    Choose high-quality material

    For long durability and lasting colours, always look for high-quality paving tiles designs. If you’re looking for outdoor paving tiles texture, then quality cannot be compromised. For high quality paving tiles, visit here. Tiles that can withstand high temperature, wear and tear are the best use as paving tiles.

    Full Body Paving Tiles

    For heavy footfall areas, full-body paving tiles work best. These paving tiles textures are available in different colour and tones. Another advantage of these tiles is, if there is any kind of damage, it is hardly seen due to uniform texture.

    When you keep these points in mind, it gets easier to choose from different paving tiles designs. Now, check out some amazing paving tiles textures.

    Types Available in Paving Tiles

    Interlock Paving Tiles

    This is one of the most stylish paving tiles designs available to decorate an outdoor walkway. Different colour combinations are available. They come in different size and shape including square, circle, hexagonal, or any abstract shape.

    It is also easy to maintain these tiles. The only problem with these tiles is, they tend to get loose after heavy use and start coming out. So always choose high-quality interlock paving tiles.

    Brick Pavement Tiles

    If you want to cover a bigger place with paving tiles, go for brick pavement tiles. You can get different outdoor paving tiles texture in this category. These tiles are durable and come in different sizes. Compared to other paving tiles, brick pavement tiles are cheaper as well.

    Ceramic Paving Tiles

    Ceramic paving tiles are also a good option in outdoor paving tiles textures. It will also give a scope to experiment with the paving tiles texture. From grey to yellow to red, ceramic paving tiles are available in almost every colour. These tiles are suitable for a home backyard or garden pathway.


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  • Bathroom Tiles Design: Renovate with Latest Bathroom Wall Tiles 16Jun

    Bathroom Tiles Design: Renovate with Latest Bathroom Wall Tiles

    The thousands of tiles for bathroom wall tiles are available on the internet, along with different suggestions on the modern bathroom wall tiles texture. If you’re confused and looking for some best bathroom wall tiles design, scroll down to grab some best ideas.

    Fancy wall tiles for a bathroom increases their freshness and looks. It requires the same attention as the other rooms. So why you need a modern bathroom wall tiles design in this room? Let’s find out.

    Why choose wall tiles for the bathroom?

    There is some specific reason behind this idea. Wall tiles for bathroom design include both the aim for a modern look and to maintain the bathroom properly.

    • You can add a renovated new look with the tiles for bathroom wall so you can love the old bathroom again.
    • Wall tiles for bathroom are easy to clean so the whole bathroom can be hygienic.
    • A renovated bathroom compliments other rooms as well.

    After enough explanation, it is required to showcase the modern bathroom wall tile textures. So now move to the reviews directly.

    Bathroom Wall Tiles Design India

    No need to pre-assume that bathroom tiles are boring and there is not much opportunity in choice. There are plenty of new modern bathrooms wall tiles designs that simply complement the latest interior fashion.

    Large Format Tiles

    It doesn’t depend on the bathroom space but fits everywhere. You can choose different tiles colour according to your taste. There are black bathroom wall tiles textures too that brings a classic look.

    Also, bug format tiles can make a smaller place look big and it is easy to clean. You can renovate wall tiles for bathroom design according to the bathtub or wash-basin to make it look perfect.

    Glass Mosaic Tiles

    Bathroom wall tiles designs that go pretty well in any restroom, or hotel to look fancy is the glass mosaic tiles. They are super glossy, have a perfect finish, and can give a stunning look to the guests.

    Glass mosaic tiles for bathroom wall are available in different shape and colour texture. Choosing the right bathroom wall tiles texture is important. Make sure it doesn’t look overdone. You may choose from designs like a stripe, a framed accent or a full wall with a glass mosaic.

    Visit here for some awesome modern bathroom wall tiles design in 2021.

    The best part about glass mosaic tiles are, you can get the wide range of colour and texture options as no other.

    Quick tips to choose bathroom wall tiles
    • For smaller bathrooms, choose similar colour tones if you’re applying both tiles and paint on the walls. Tiling your shower to the top of the bathroom ceiling is another strategy that gives height to your bathroom.

    • Choose fresh colours and design always. You can check out some modern bathroom wall tiles designs from here.

    • If you want to have a spa-like look in your bathroom, choose similar flooring and wall tiles for the bathroom.


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  • Guide to Choose Best Tiles for Home 08Jun

    Guide to Choose Best Tiles for Home

    Which type of tiles is best for the home? Probably we all have faced this question every time we are looking for some best floor tiles for home or best tiles for bathroom. Here is a trick. Home tiles are slightly different from official tiles or hotel room tiles. Also, floor tiles are different from wall tiles.

    So much confusion!

    If you want to know how to choose the best tiles for home, don’t miss out on this article.

    How to find the best tiles for home flooring?

    Home flooring is an important part of the interior design of your whole house. Now, there are some significant things you should know while looking for the best tiles for a home in India. There are different types of tiles available as porcelain, ceramic, stone, clay, metal and glass. It is tricky to understand which will be the best tiles for home.

    Keep these points in mind.

    • Tile sizes do matter. Choose small tiles for the bathroom or kitchen and bigger tiles for the living room or flooring.
    • Choose the colour of the tiles that suits the vibe of a particular room. Don’t just go by the design of the tiles but also think if it is suitable for the room.
    • There is always a question, which is best for home- marble or tiles. Marbles are easy to get stained, unlike the tiles. Also, tiles are cost-effective. Marble flooring always brings a glaze where the finish with some best tiles for home flooring leaves room for both polishes or unpolished view.

    Here you can find some cheap and best tiles for homes. Now, let us talk about the variety of tiles for the home.

    Types of Wall Tiles

    Ceramic Wall Tiles

    Be it a living room or a kitchen, ceramic wall tiles are flexible enough to fit every design. This is one of the best tiles for the home. They can resist heat and damage well. So you can also use these tiles on the outdoor wall.

    Glazed Wall Tiles

    To get a glass-like finish on the walls, you can go for glazed tiles. They are available in almost every shade of colours. Generally, these tiles for home are available in a 2:1 dimension ratio.

    Check out here for some cheap and best tiles for homes in India to elevate the walls.

    Types of Floor Tiles

    Apart from the ceramic and glazed tiles, there are other types of tile flooring available. Here are some of the examples of the best floor tiles for home in India.

    Porcelain Tiles

    Looking for the best floor tiles for home in India? You can choose porcelain tiles without any doubt. It does not fade or crack and easy to maintain. These tiles can be used indoor or outdoor flooring in your home.

    Cement Tiles

    It is one of the best floor tiles for home in India outdoor. It is flexible and available in different pattern and texture.

    Fancy Tiles

    Apart from these traditional tiles, there are mosaic, terracotta, and glass tiles. These tiles are the best floor tiles for home in India. You can use these tiles on balcony, living or bedroom flooring to get a vibrant look.

    Hope this article helps you to find the best tiles for home.


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  • Bring Backsplash Makeover to your Kitchen 30May

    Bring Backsplash Makeover to your Kitchen

    Bored with your old kitchen? Not enjoying cooking anymore with the same kitchen? Now you cannot afford a whole kitchen renovation overnight. But with a backsplash kitchen, you can get a new look in your old kitchen.

    Looking for some latest backsplash ideas for your kitchen. Scroll down for some amazing ideas.

    Why Kitchen Makeover is Important?
    • As you know, if we eat good food, we get good thoughts. And good cooking is not possible in a dull, boring kitchen. To enhance your kitchen design, a makeover is important.
    • Backsplash kitchen makeover is cost-effective and it can be done quickly.
    • If all the rooms in your home are well-decorated and furnished, why leave the kitchen behind. A backsplash makeover can complement the whole house.
    • Not only for looks, but a makeover also helps to clean the whole kitchen The oily stains or spots will vanish with a backsplash makeover. It is very important to keep the kitchen clean to prevent any food poison, stomach pains, etc.

    Now, if you’re convinced and want to get some popular kitchen makeover ideas for your kitchen, check out them below.

    The Subway Tile

    Subway tiles are in trend for kitchens. It brings a completely new, elegant look to your kitchen. You would absolutely love these tiles. It gives a very sophisticated design to your kitchen.

    It comes as rectangular, ceramic tiles with high gloss. Different patterns can be designed with these tiles and they can be flaunted to different colors. You can design to use these tiles as a casual pattern, or you may apply two stripes of colored tiles on the white backsplash. Or you can go for a multicolor design.

    Subway tiles can be extended up to the ceiling to add an offbeat look.

    Suggested Colors:

    For the kitchen, you may choose colors among white, olive green, grey, or light yellow.

    The Versatile Mosaic Tile

    As the name suggests, these tiles for your kitchen add a versatile look. It is mainly suggested if you want to add visual interest to your kitchen. Also, in a small, cozy kitchen these tiles can look a bit over-designed. But if you have a big kitchen or open kitchen with a dining place, these tiles can upgrade the backsplash view of the kitchen.

    These tiles are made of different elements like glass, stone, or ceramic. There are multiple patterns and colors available for these mosaic tiles for the kitchen that enhance the kitchen look. They are generally two inches in size and take a bit more time to be installed compared to the subway tiles. But if we can spend some time extra on the new look of your kitchen, you won’t regret it.

    Suggested Colors:

    For the kitchen, you can choose a combination of white and light blue, black and white, grey and white, biscuit yellow color or a combination of grey and blue. There are multiple patterns as well you can choose from.

    The Penny Round Mosaic Tile

    Now if you want a different backsplash look for your kitchen, unlike the two traditional looks, you can try the penny round mosaic tiles. Maybe you can guess the design from the name itself. These tiles add an extensive look to your kitchen.

    These mosaic tiles are super glossy and tiny in size. When you arrange them together, it will change the overall look of your old kitchen. It comes in different textures.

    Suggested Colors:

    Charcoal black, grey, blue or olive green on white backsplash works best with these ‘penny round mosaic tiles in your kitchen.

    Hope you can choose the best tiles that fit your kitchen backsplash from this article.


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  • Confused between Wooden Flooring and Wooden Tiles? We’ve got you covered. 22May

    Confused between Wooden Flooring and Wooden Tiles? We’ve got you covered.

    Are you searching for some intriguing ideas for your home makeover? You can pick the crude allure of wood for different beautiful spaces in your home. The good look of wood has risen above hundreds of years of luxury look and style. Keeping up regular hardwood flooring is somewhat testing by all accounts. This has brought about individuals searching for different options that give a similar look but better sturdiness and straightforwardness to keep up.

    Wooden tiles have come up as a great decision that adds a similar bit of class and tastefulness to your home without getting hard to keep up and clean. Here, we give you a closer review of the two choices assisting you with settling on a very much educated decision.

    Allow us to start with the wooden ground surface.

    The regular wooden deck, without a doubt, looks rich and a class separated while thinking about other ground surface alternatives. Be that as it may, the significant disadvantage of this alternative is its helplessness to harms like breaks, scratches, and gouges. Another issue that is usually confronted with a wooden deck is occasional changes in its underlying cosmetics. It contracts and extends with season making it trying to keep up.

    • It requires careful cleaning and resurfacing. At times, cleaning is needed to take it back to its unique sparkle.

    • It tends to be utilized distinctly in no-dampness regions.

    Here are why wooden tiles can be an excellent option for a regular wooden deck.

    Wooden tiles accompany a wood-like look. In this manner, the grandness of the characteristic alternative can be delighted in without confronting the difficulties of its upkeep and support, as referenced previously.

    • They can support any climatic condition and withstand characteristic components.

    • Simple to clean and keep up, wooden tiles are entirely tough and keep going for quite a while like marble.

    • Wooden tiles are accessible in various plans, tones, and examples giving plentiful decisions to the insightful purchasers.


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  • Bathroom Tiles for an Intriguing and Personalised Touch 15May

    Bathroom Tiles for an Intriguing and Personalised Touch

    Planning a bathroom makeover? Look at our staggering range of bathroom tiles that will help you add tones, style, and profundity to this space. These tiles are alluring in looks, scratch and stain safe, and complete the finished surface. Including them adds volume to this space without spoiling the top or overpowering. We have a wide range of choices in different colors, designs, patterns, and styles, that help you choose the best tiles for your bathroom. These tiles go entirely well with the general look of the bathroom, giving an agreeable charm.


    Bathroom tiles are no longer accessories that one once utilized because they were water-safe, required negligible maintenance, and were strong. At present, the cutting-edge bathroom is relied upon to be tastefully charming as well.

    One should pick present-day bathroom tiles for walls and floors after a ton of thought. When you are conscious about what it looks like, you should choose tiles that suit your necessities consummately.

    While designs are plentiful and patterns continue to change each day, here are a couple of ideas that can help you settle on the correct decision.

    Extensive Look

    Installing light-finished bathroom tiles gives a relaxed vibe and look to the bathroom. It makes a natural feeling of peace and calms your space. Adding tiny bathrooms or washroom tiles in a limited or small area will make it look more prominent than it is.


    The finished floor tiles for the washroom have a hard and textured surface that makes it slip-safe. The bathroom is a space with high humidity, which increases the chances for one to slip. Accordingly, adding these tiles guarantee the well-being of the clients against slipping.

    Stunning Colour Variations

    Dress up your washroom walls in our stunning water tones or any neutral shades of bathroom tiles. Fascinating wave patterns and more are accessible to add an attractive element to your bathroom space.

    Welcoming Designs

    Choose from among our charming and energizing range of designs that make the bathroom a place where one can relax and feel good. Adding our tiles to your bathroom floor and walls will add to your bathroom's charisma and make it look more attractive.

    Neutral Palette

    Pick neutral designs like high contrast checkerboards and earth-tone tiles on bathroom floors to make an everlasting excellent look. Pick colors and designs that enhance and beautify and arrangement idea of this space.

    Check out our collection of stunning bathroom floor tiles and give a much wanted energizing, and attractive look to this space.

    Look at the tremendous variety of Bathroom Tiles Texture at the Charbhuja store and pick options that work out absolutely for the design and in the general look of your home.

    Modern Bathroom Tiles with Graphic Patterns

    Tiles with realistic examples say all about your fashion awareness and stylistic layout. You have a choice to pick tiles that have in-vogue designs on them. You can put them on all the walls, just the floor or a solitary divider to emphasize it.

    Specialists on present-day bathroom tiles plan ideas that an isolated partition with tiles present realistic examples are fantastic to advance a tasteful look. You can make it look attractive without spending a lot.

    Glossy Tiles for a polished bathroom

    Glossy tiles have been around, mainly because they make the bathroom look wide. Yet, property holders are progressively drifting towards current bathroom tiles with a matte finish. They ooze this basic look yet are elegant and polished. When you have tiles with a matte completion, you will not, in general, see watermarks and stains. Whether it is for an enormous bathroom or a little one, one can use tiles with a matte completion for walls and the floor. It's simply that you need to include a ton of light to hinder the dullness.

    Subway Tiles

    While some depict it as old school, this way of setting tiles on the walls stays mainstream. Homeowners are significantly added to subway tiles since they make the room roomy and give a rich look. The walls of the bathroom look extraordinary when subway tiles decorate them. Subway tiles may need regular maintenance, though, especially with the grout lines.  Subway tiles can never turn out badly when you join them with subtle tones and designed floor tiles.

    Wood-Look Modern Bathroom Tiles for The Floor

    Presently, we aren't looking at adding wooden boards to the bathroom floors except if you are prepared to replace them regularly. They will not keep going along with steady water sprinkles; if you are somebody who adores the surface, try wood-look tiles. This cutting-edge bathroom tiles arrangement is a wood carbon copy while being water-safe and enduring. Wood-look tiles and a differentiating wall ooze variation

    Modern Bathroom Tiles with A Marble Finish

    Marble has consistently been associated with lavishness. Marble walls are exceptional due to their patterns, styles, and shading, and picking the one that suits you and your bathroom is what makes a difference. While marble gives a smooth and cool completion, be cautious with the material on the floor. You should keep away from shine. Marble modern bathroom tiles are another option. You get a marble search at a reasonable cost. It is ideal for when you need to give your bathroom a makeover without spending a lot.

    Colossal Modern Bathroom Tiles

    There is no competition over the way that enormous tiles set aside money, cover a great deal of room, and you need only a couple contrasted with the more modest ones. Huge tiles additionally give a comprehensive look to the bathroom effortlessly. It improves when the shading is neutral. Most houses these days have tiny bathrooms, and this is a trick that assists you with making your bathroom look spacious. Make sure to coordinate huge tiles with the walls and different frills in the bathroom. That is the way it will make it look roomy.

    Modern bathrooms are all about toughness and style. When you have an extraordinary-looking bathroom, you will find a sense of contentment with the knowledge that on the off chance that you need to sell your home sometime in the future, it will get you a significant amount of money.


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  • Choose the perfect tiles for the perfect living room 08May

    Choose the perfect tiles for the perfect living room

    While designing your brand new home or renovating it, the room we focus on the most is our living room. Why? Because the living room is the place where we first enter in our house. Subsequently, we need to decorate and design it in the ideal manner imaginable. Most of us focus on creating the living room: the walls, decorations, setting of the furniture, Etc. Yet, what might be said about the floors? Wouldn't you say it is equally essential? Whether you have an all-around living room, using low-quality floor tiles will turn down the room's finished look. Along these lines, it is critical to pick the right floor tiles for the living room, which looks excellent and has a life span, and something that one can look after without any problem.

    Picking floor tiles for the living room is not a simple task since you'll need to remember different variables like budget, the life span of the tiles, the size, and so on. Yet, on the off chance that you hire an interior architect, you can share your fancying and despising, and as needs are, he'll have the option to pick the suitable tiles for your living room's floor. Nonetheless, if you need to set aside money and take the obligation of choosing floor tiles for the family room, at that point, you'll have to keep a couple of focuses in mind. We are giving you a couple of valuable tips, which you can use and remember while picking floor tiles for the living room. 

    Charbhuja presents you with a far-reaching scope of tile options that are entirely suitable for your living room.

    Tile Designs for Living Room Area

    Tile Designs for Living Room When you pick tiles as floor or divider covering, you put resources into a simple to keep up and hearty choice ideal for high-traffic territories and is stylishly satisfying. Hence, it is a reasonable and favoured decision for some property holders.

    Tile Designs for Living Room The most significant benefit of picking tiles for your floor is this current material's capacity to impersonate any look or feel that you need to exhibit in this space. From vivacious examples to a woodsy look, fabulous stone looks to mathematical examples. You can choose anything according to your decision, interest, general style subject, and financial plan. The same goes for the divider covers. You can make a mass based on your personal decision preference, any example.

    The most notable benefit of picking tiles for your floor is these tiles capability to impersonate any look or feel you need to manifest in this space. From vivacious examples to a woodsy look, fabulous stone looks to textured tiles. You can choose anything according to your choice, interest, general style, and budget. The same goes for the wall tiles. You can make a section based on your personal decision preference, any example.

    Tile Designs for Living Room

     Charbhuja brings you unlimited alternatives that will keep you entranced and excited about choosing the perfect tile for your living room. If you love trying different ideas with your home interiors, you can try an intense expression by picking a particular textured or a finished surface. Envision the look and feel it will make and venture up space's style and take it up a notch.

     We use highly advanced tile assembling and printing methods that have helped us with bringing tasteful choices for you. You can pick any tile design for your living room area and guarantee that it genuinely stands out. While picking affordable tile designs, guarantee that it makes a warm and inviting space that attracts your guests and turns the new discussion topic.

    So, whether you want to redesign or plan to get an end-to-end interior design done for your home, the floor of your home, particularly the family room, need special consideration. Since you can paint your house like clockwork, however, you can't change the ground surface and tiles, and consequently, it is essential to pick the proper arrangement of floor tiles for your home.

    Furthermore, if you intend to use floor tiles in your lounge or home, it's essential not to look at the tiles' shading or surface simply. However, you should pick a tile suitable for your home and according to your expectations for everyday comforts and way of life. However, we have examined probably the most widely recognized things to see when picking floor tiles for the living room; however, go ahead and take the assessment and take help from the expert interior designers. If not, you can rapidly interpret and enlist an interior expert in your city for the complete interior planning of your home or work environment.

     Let the appreciation and compliments stream in when your guests visit you and are left amused with your stunning living room. Visit the Charbhuja outlet today and look at our range of new tile designs for your living room.


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  • Why is our Store worth visiting even if you located in the farthest Corner in South India? 30Apr

    Why is our Store worth visiting even if you located in the farthest Corner in South India?

    Tiles are a common trend nowadays for flooring. But, to get the perfect look for your floor, it is necessary to buy tiles from a trusted shop. Charbhuja Tiles is of the industry leaders when it comes to tiles. We are serving our customers since YYYY. You can trust us to help you choose the best materials for your floors.

    Located at a convenient place

    We are located in the heart of India, North Delhi. So, even if you live in the farthest corner of the country, vising us will not be hard as communication with Delhi is good. As we are known for our quality products, visiting us from the farthest corners of India will certainly be worth it.

    The best value for money in ceramic materials

    Unlike other stores, where there is no specialization in household materials, at Charbhuja Tiles we have YYY years of specialization in different tiles materials. That is why we have been able to create for you a varied collection with what your home needs to be the house of your dreams. In our online store you can find:

    • Marble, rustic, hydraulic, or imitation cement, wood, or natural stone flooring.

    • Small, medium, and large format wall tiles, with the most demanded designs on the market.

    • Pearl tile for pools, non-slip, and in a multitude of colors.

    • Top quality toilets in classic designs or with more modern styles (suspended).

    • Mineral loaded shower trays with the most avant-garde finishes.

    • And much more!

    Are you still wondering where to buy ceramic materials or where to buy the best kitchen tiles? Then please consider visiting us once before making up your mind.

    Do you still have doubts about what type of material fits in your project? Contact us without obligation and we will give you 100% personalized assistance. Because you deserve to create a custom home with the best professionals in the sector. Leave yourself in the hands of Charbhuja Tiles and make the house of your dreams come true.

    Choosing the products live

    Often while buying products online, customers are being cheated. They are often given low-quality/damaged products. That is why we invite you to Charbhuja Tiles showroom to see all of our products and choose your desired tiles at your convenience. Buying from our physical shop will make you satisfied because you have chosen the tiles with your hands.


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  • Bigger is better-why large format tiles are a huge trend? 23Apr

    Bigger is better-why large format tiles are a huge trend?

    Tiles are a very interesting and practical solution. This type of flooring has several advantages, including high strength. Modern manufacturers offer a wide variety of different options, varying in quality and size. But often people are confused between large tiles and small tiles. If you are someone who is also confused on this matter, then this article is for you. In this article, we are going to talk about the popularity of large tiles.

    If we talk about the superiority of large tiles compared to small tiles, we can talk about the following points-

    • To perceive a room as big

    • Large tiles help to balance the space

    • Installing large time takes less time

    • Large tiles are best for the roof

    • Ease of cleaning

    • Enhancing the look of the house

    Let’s discuss these points in detail.

    To perceive a room as big

    Especially if they have a rectified joint. The boring between pieces is not perceived and this creates the effect of being a continuous surface, and a continuous surface always creates the illusion that the surface is larger than it actually is. If, in addition, they are glossy tiles like these, the feeling of spaciousness is greater. With small tiles, there is always the risk of ruining the look. Often, we perceive a room as smaller with our eyes just because of using smaller tiles.

    Large tiles help to balance the space

    If the room has very high ceilings, the placement of the pieces can rebalance the space. In this case, large pieces, placed in a landscape, help make the bathroom look better. Balancing spaces with small tiles do not work, that does not look good.

    Installing large time takes less time

    If large tiles are used on the floors of a room, it will take less time to finish the flooring. On the other hand, as to cover a floor we will need more small tiles than large tiles, flooring with small tiles takes more time.

    Large tiles are best for the roof

    Large tiles are just perfect for the roof. If they are warm and with a rectified joint like these, they will look very good because they will protect while making the space more welcoming, as if it were stone covering the walls. DO not make the mistake of using small tiles for the roof. They will not look good.

    Ease of cleaning

    Large tiles mean fewer joints between tiles within a room. That is why cleaning large tiles is easy compared to small tiles where dirt will stay between joints throughout the room.

    Enhancing the look of the house

    Large tiles always look much elegant and classy compared to small tiles. With large tiles, you can enhance the look of the house. People visiting your house will admire the marvelous floors with large tiles.


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  • What is full body vitrified tiles? 16Apr

    What is full body vitrified tiles?

    Vitrified tile is a low porosity earthenware. It is an option for marble and stone floor surfaces. Vitrified tiles are regularly used outdoors due to their clogging by water and frost. Vitrified tiles are a mixture of water that mixes with earth, quartz, feldspar, and silica to form the glassy surface of the tiles. Consequently, making a solitary dough creates them tough with low porosity.


    The different terrestrial bodies reach vitrification at different temperatures. The earth is mixed with quartz and feldspar before heating it in the oven. These additional fixings soften, forming a glass component within the tile.


    Vitrified ceramic tiles are coated with vitrifiable materials and ceramic dyes giving the tiles their color and finish. Vitrified tile can also have different finishes: a high gloss finish can be more slippery and hide scratches less well, while a mat or textured finish offers better traction and hides scratches and dirt better.


    Floors and walls are the important parts of a house or building. People use various things to decorate floors and walls. Tiles are used to enhance the beauty of walls and floors. These tiles are also used because they are easy to clean and above all easy to maintain.


    A wide variety of varieties is available in the market against the background of these tiles. People choose tiles that fit their budget and are great for their walls or floors. Two words often heard in the tile market are vitrified and rectified.


    The benefits of full-body vitrified tiles

    Now that we have talked about full-body vitrified tiles, it is time to talk about the benefits of it.

    The durability of full body vitrified tiles

    Full body vitrified tile has greater durability and resistance than any other tile. This is mainly due to the uniformity of color and design across the mass of the tile. The color pigment is throughout the mass (thickness) of the tile.

    No bumps or scratches are visible thanks to the uniform design throughout the thickness of the tile making it an ideal choice for high traffic areas, but the production process dramatically increases the cost.

    The design principle

    Uniform designs throughout the mass create some restrictions. This is why the designs in this tile category are generally simple and one color. These tiles are suitable for parking spaces, garages, terraces/balconies, and commercial purposes.

    The water absorption

    The vitrified tile body is made by ultra-high temperature processing, the hardness is very high and the water absorption rate is extremely low.

    Comparison of the production process

    The texture of vitrified tiles is relatively simple compared to other tiles.


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  • Anti-skid vitrified tiles: 5 reasons to have them for your floor? 08Apr

    Anti-skid vitrified tiles: 5 reasons to have them for your floor?

    Because of the advancement of technology, we now can get different types of tiles. Some of them are good for residential scenarios and some of them are perfect for industrial establishments. But now we have a unique type of tile which is Anti-skid vitrified tile. It was not an option before, but now, people are choosing this type of tile for various reasons.

    Advantages of anti-skid tiles

    Thanks to their many advantages and possibilities, the anti-skid vitrified tiles have become the preferred option for those looking for:

    Secure for elderly people and children

    The rough finishes of anti-skid vitrified tiles will always be the most slip and safe. You can always rely on this type of tile; you are concerned about the well-being of your children or old parents.

    The use of non-slip floors does not have to be linked to limiting the possibilities of choosing the best non-slip exterior flooring or tile design for our project. It is important to comply with the requirements of slipperiness without compromising an excellent design with natural wood effect finishes and also, that it does not need maintenance. To achieve the non-slippery property, anti-skid vitrified tile does not compromise with the quality and design. That is why this kind of tile is safe and also comes with excellent design.

    Easy to maintain

    It does not splinter or crack, nor does it need any type of oil or paint to resist the elements easily. That is why cleaning and taking care of this kind of tile is easy compared to others. You can easily get service from this kind of tile for a long time.

    Resistant from external impacts

    Designing safe floors choosing from a wide range of finishes, shades, and models is always a plus. Also, it is about durable floors that resist changing climates and resistant to impact, we are without a doubt, before the best possible option. Because of the material of anti-skid vitrified tiles, it is possible to minimize the impact of the weather. They will be in service order for a long time.

    Innovative collections

    A wide range of shades and finishes allow us to design without limits, without giving up the naturalness and warmth of the traditional. You will be astonished to see the catalog of designs of anti-skid vitrified tiles.

    Ecological benefits

    Anti-skid vitrified tiles are eco-friendly. The material of this tile does not harm the environment with its material compared to other types of floorings out there.


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  • Marble Vs Tiles? Which is in the budget? 25Mar

    Marble Vs Tiles? Which is in the budget?

    Want to find out the budget for marbles Vs Tiles? Various factors should be taken into consideration like design requirement, utility and space location to offer the best flooring for your home. A good appearance can be found only with high-quality tiles when they are installed on the floor and walls. The base of your entire home decor will completely depend on the marbles or tiles.

    Tiles with a variety of designs and colours:

    You can get ready to make a flooring decision based on your time and efforts. The major advantage of tiles is you can use them on both the walls and flooring. It is important to remember that the absorption rate will vary for the different types of tiles. A large variety and designs and colours are available for the tiles to meet the requirements of your home. Aesthetic value is obtained as flooring is considered as the symbol of luxury.

    Consider identical alternatives:

    It is very easy to clean and maintain the tiles as they are resistant to different types of strains. Identical alternatives can be used to replace broken tiles.

    • Regular maintenance and adequate care are required as the marble flooring will always remain intact.

    • The cost of flooring will completely depend upon the design and brands which you select.

    • It is somewhat time-consuming and also labour-intensive to complete the installation process for the marbles.

    Budget for tiles and marbles:

    A large variety of patterns and combinations are available so you can select the one according to your requirements. Marbles cannot be used in areas like the bathroom and kitchen where tiles are considered as the best option. Tiles are available at affordable prices when compared to the marbles. You can use tiles shortly after the installation as the setting time is less.

    Finally, the tiles can be used in the different areas of your home to meet your requirements. So, you should make a wise decision as the flooring is a decor element that will last for a long time. Get ready to offer a beautiful look for your home with a large variety of budget-friendly tiles.


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  • How to create a natural look with wood effect tiles? 19Mar

    How to create a natural look with wood effect tiles?

    Well, it is a common misconception among many individuals that the wood tiles will rarely have a natural look. But the fact is that you will pleasantly be surprised to know how realistic they are.

    The new range of wood effect tiles:

    The best appearance can be created in your home if you prefer to use the wood effect tiles. The new range of wood effect tiles is preferred by many individuals to offer a natural look for their home. Long-standing success can be identified in the interior and exterior spaces as the coveted material will recall nature.

    • Accurate and precise techniques are used to reproduce the wood effect tiles.

    • Wood effect tiles are designed both for the kitchen and lawn without the risk of damages.

    • Aesthetic aspects can be replicated so you can try to know about the special details which characterize the wood.

    Identify the realistic interpretation:

    Complete control over the aesthetics can be found if you try to know about the natural variations and imperfections of the wood. An accurate and precise way is used with the different types of wood to reproduce the wooden effect tiles. Realistic interpretation can be identified as the most precious woods in the world. All types of decoration can be done by perfectly combining the wooden effect tiles.

    Select the shades of your choice:

    Pleasant color combinations are created with numerous shades of wood effect tiles. Establish your style of space by choosing the color of wooden effect tiles. Wooden tiles are considered the perfect option to experience the softness and warmth in your room.

    Is it possible to remove the stains?

    It is very easy to remove the stains on the wood effect tiles as it requires only hot and clear water. Incorporate a natural touch into your decoration with the help of wood effect tiles.

    You can decide to order a sample of good-quality tiles to create a natural look for your home. Wood flooring is one of the best options so you can approach the suppliers and manufacturers.


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  • Are Vitrified Tiles best for a wet room? 12Mar

    Are Vitrified Tiles best for a wet room?

    Vitrified tiles are considered the best option for the wet room but they are not environmentally friendly. Cleaning and washing should be done daily when you install the Vitrified tiles. If you want to select the tiles for your washroom and kitchen then you should be very careful. Ease of maintenance should be taken into account along with durability and maintenance.

    Clean and maintain the tiles:

    You should be choosy and picky to search for the right bathroom tile. Tiles are stain-resistant so it is very easy to clean and maintain the tiles. You can lay level flooring by choosing the size of your choice. Grim and dirt can be prevented over some time with regular cleaning. Preferred choices are available for wet areas so you can concentrate more on finishing.

    Consider the depth of the tiles

    Tiles are available in different categories so you can focus more on the design and color. Choose the right tiles if you are planning to renovate your washroom. The cluttered look can be increased so it is advisable not to use the small size tiles.

    • Matt or glossy finish can be identified as most of the vitrified tiles are glazed.

    • Depth of the tile should be taken into consideration as they should be resistant to chipping and scratching in the washrooms.

    • You can find the times for any tile to provide the decor for the rest of your home.

    Wide range of designs

    The natural stone finish of the decor will help you to coordinate with the rest of your home. Quality and perfection can be identified if you can create a new benchmark. A wide range of designs can be combined with attractive colors and textures. Tiling solutions are very useful to bring life to small and large spaces. It is a good idea if you are planning to upgrade your bathroom tiles.


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  • How to create a designer look with Porcelain Tiles? 06Mar

    How to create a designer look with Porcelain Tiles?

    Are you planning to explore the leading brands of tiles? Create a fresh look in your space with the porcelain tile ideas. So, you can find a wide range of tiles with the lowest rates guarantee. Price match promise is offered for the luxury porcelain tiles if you want to create a designer look in your kitchen.

    It is possible to shape the porcelain tile by following some simple steps:

    • Adjust and lock the guide of the tile cutter.

    • Place the cutter on the edge so that you can slide the tiles in a good position.

    • Push the tile cutter downwards and then slide it across the marked tile.

    • Press down the tile when it reaches the end.

    Be careful when you select the design which packs a punch. If you love the classic patterns then you can get ready to purchase the porcelain tiles. Various designs and looks can be explored as the flooring material have emerged in the form of tiles.

    Trending designs of floor tiles:

    Cloudiness or haze is identified in the porcelain tiles due to improper procedures during the time of sealing. A slight metallic effect can be identified in the collection of unglazed porcelain tiles. Modern floor tiles and wall tiles are available in trending designs. Tile patterns are considered to be very useful if you want to take your kitchen to next level.

    Flexibility in terms of design:

    The designer look can be created in any room if you consider using porcelain tiles. You can start using the porcelain tiles as flexibility is offered in the terms of design. Distinct color difference can be identified when you cut and install the porcelain tiles.

    Clean edge for the tiles:

    Different types of tile patterns are available so you can offer a fantastic look for your kitchen. Get a clean edge for the tiles with the help of a marked cut line. So, you can ensure that the tiles will have a clear look if you just apply a thin coat of gloss.


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  • Mistakes to avoid while choosing Floor Tiles 26Feb

    Mistakes to avoid while choosing Floor Tiles

    The floor is the part of the house, where we need to concentrate more so that we feel comfortable while walking through the house. Tile is a very popular flooring material nowadays. People use different types of tiles to light up their houses. But we often make some mistakes when choosing tiles for the floors. In this article, we are going to talk about those mistakes so that you choose the best tile for flooring.

    Choosing Wrong Materials

    The consequences of not using the right materials can be disastrous. Humidity, steam, the constant change in temperatures is some of the external agents that directly influence the material we choose for flooring.

    Buying Cheap Tiles

    People always go after the cheap products. But cheap products are never good. People who buy cheap tiles suffer later. Those cheap tiles do not last for a long time. After some months, the shine of those tiles fades away. You will not feel comfortable walking on those tiles. Quality products always cost abit more. That is why, when going for buying floor tiles, we should always go for quality tiles.

    Bad Color Choice

    Color plays a big role when it comes to tiles. Floor tiles with bad colors will ruin the whole look of your house. White is a universal color for floor tiles. But, if you are worried about the maintenance of white tiles, then you can go with tiles of a different color. But, make sure you choose color tiles according to the look of your house.

    Not Researching Enough

    Sometimes people just buy tiles based on their instincts. That results in choosing bad floor tiles. It is always better to do some research before buying floor tiles. Ask for expert opinions. Ask questions in forums. Compare the different types of tiles to get to a reasonable decision.


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  • What are the best Tiles to use in the Kitchen? 22Feb

    What are the best Tiles to use in the Kitchen?

    In this modern age, tiles are used in almost every place. In the house, we see the extended use of tiles. If used intelligently, tiles can make your kitchen look marvelous. To choose kitchen tiles you will have to take into account aspects such as their design, their material, and porosity. In this article, we are going to talk about the best tiles to use in the kitchen.

    The best materials for Kitchen Tiles

    When choosing your new kitchen tiles, it will be necessary to know what are the best materials for them. The most commonly used tiles are:

    Porcelain or Ceramic

    This type of tiles is the most popular of all since these have very little porosity so they are ideal for kitchens with high humidity. They are also easy to clean and are cheaper. We can also find them in a wide variety of colors and with different designs.

    Rectified Tiles

    These types of tiles are porcelain but they are cut differently from traditional tiles. They are somewhat more expensive tiles, although their design makes it possible for the joints to be less visible and provide a somewhat more elegant result.

    Choose according to the need

    For areas near the kitchen or sink, it is preferable to select washable and waterproof materials, such as ceramic tiles or rectified tiles. This way you can clean the tiles quickly and easily. On the other hand, for walkable surfaces, you prefer tiles that are also resistant to impact, such as mosaic tiles.
    Finally, it is good to also differentiate the destination of the tiles. It is good to use small tiles for the walls of the kitchen. For the floor, however, it is better to choose large tiles. No matter what kind of tile you choose, make sure to get a second opinion and do a bit of research on tiles.


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  • How to brighten up your Bathroom with Mosaic Tiles? 15Feb

    How to brighten up your Bathroom with Mosaic Tiles?

    Despite its very ancient origin, mosaic remains surprisingly fashionable and today, more contemporary than ever. Mosaic tiles are renewed from collection to collection, with varied colors, material effects, textures, and shapes.

    In the bathroom, mosaic tiles can make a difference in many ways. The mosaic can dress, exclusively, the floor and the walls of the bathroom or serve to draw the eye to a specific element, to differentiate or to create a rupture between surfaces.

    The mosaic tile is an excellent choice for dressing the shower. A choice of style that is not afraid of trends, because the coating of the shower will always remain modern. But also, a practical choice, because mosaics have the same characteristics as larger tiles: resistance, hygiene, versatility.

    Dress up the shower with 3D Mosaics

    Today, the surfaces of tiles and mosaics are no longer "only" shiny or satin, but also 3D in shape. Not to mention the most disparate shapes for the 3D mosaic tiles which enliven the walls with different famous plays.

    Dress the shower with irregular Mosaic Tiles

    To give movement to the walls of the shower, in addition to 3D mosaics, you can bet on mosaic tiles with irregular tesserae. Like those of a variant of the classic mosaic tiles with orthogonal square tesserae: the mosaic tiles simulating a fabric, with a warp and a weft that intertwine.

    Dress the shower with the regular Mosaic Tile

    We have already said in the previous paragraphs: the mosaic is ornamental. And this statement also applies to its most common version, the mosaic tiles with small square tesserae.

    Dress up the shower with Classic Mosaic Tiles in a solid color

    If you prefer the solid color with the variegated tones of the marble effect mosaic tile, you can compose the shower covering with a monochrome version which, through its simplicity, expresses all the beauty of the mosaic tile.


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  • How to choose the best Bathroom Tiles for your home? 10Feb

    How to choose the best Bathroom Tiles for your home?

    When we reform the bathroom, one of the things that are most difficult to decide is the type of tiles that we are going to use. But don't worry, in this article we give you some tips and ideas to help you with your bathroom.

    Due to their technical characteristics, tiles are undoubtedly the star pieces of bathroom renovation. They are resistant to impact and humidity, easy to clean, and have endless designs and finishes.

    How to Choose Tiles for Bathrooms

    Given its importance, your choice must be planned. We must pay special attention to the quality of the materials and their placement so that they last as long as we want. And it is important to find the balance between design and functionality.

    There is a wide variety of tiles on the market, made with different materials, colors, textures, brightness, shapes, and other characteristics, but it does not mean that they are all the most suitable for our bathroom. Before choosing, you have to assess some aspects.

    Bathroom Dimensions

    The first thing would be to study space well. The size and proportions of the bathroom, whether it is small or large, with high or low ceilings, with an elongated or square shape. Depending on the bathroom’s characteristics we will choose the tiles. For example, in small bathrooms, we can visually increase the space using lighter colors, and if the ceilings are very low, it is better to place the pieces vertically. We can also combine different tile designs or combine with dark colors to achieve more depth and dynamism.

    Distribution of Elements

    If you want to decorate the bathroom combining different types of tiles, study well the distribution of all the furniture present (bathtub, toilets, and mirror, etc.) so that your bathroom looks visually attractive.

    Light Availability

    If you have a window or enough natural light then you will not have much trouble choosing the tiles. In the opposite case, we can bet on white or other light tones to gain clarity, and with a glossy finish that helps to reflect light.


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  • Tile or marble, which one to choose? 30Jan

    Tile or marble, which one to choose?

    In terms of interior decoration, the choice of flooring plays an essential role. Tile or marble, these two materials each have their strengths and their particularity. In this article, we are going to talk about which option is the best one.


    This is a vital point. Everyone wants a flooring solution for their home which is easy to main and thus the product will sustain for a long period of time. In this case, tiles are the obvious winner. Tiles are not only easy to maintain, but they are also popular for their resistance. In addition, it stands out for its solidity in the face of any test. Maintenance of marbles are not that easy compared to tiles.

    In flooring

    It is versatile and lends itself to all styles of decoration. This timeless material adapts perfectly to the interior of the house. It offers a great diversity whether in color or size. Tiles adapt to all situations and styles. Compared to that, marbles do not look good in all situations. Only in specific scenarios, marbles look good.


    As we all know that tiles are manufactured in factories. But marbles are not easy to recreate. So, when it comes to option: tile is the winner. You will find tiles of different colors, textures, finishing which is not the case when it comes to marbles.


    When it comes to a budget solution then the tile is the option for you. Marbles are really expensive. So, if you have a tight budget but also want a good and reliable solution for the floors of your house, then you should choose tiles.

    The timing of the tile is perfect throughout the interior of the house. Whether in the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom or the bathrooms, this material offers multiple facets to the decoration. It is available in several models and patterns, looking like wood or concrete, in glazed porcelain stoneware, etc. You can rely on the services of tiles easily.


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  • Why should you choose the Glossy Tiles? 28Jan

    Why should you choose the Glossy Tiles?

    When it comes to decorating the floor of our houses, we all think about tiles. Tiles are made to look good on our floors as well as making the floor comfortable to walk. Based on the finishing, we can get various types of tiles. Glossy tiles are very popular among customers for various reasons. In this article, we are going to talk about this type of tile.

    Glossy tiles

    Glossy tiles are very smooth, shiny. This type of tile is very reflective. Light reflects on the surface of this kind of tiles.

    What are the characteristics and advantages of having this type of tiles?

    1. Make your room lively

    First of all, it will light up a room. Indeed, since the surface of the shiny tiles are reflective, the light will more easily flow through them. This will therefore create a brighter setting, and therefore more alive. Just choose where to put the shiny tiles!

    2. Easy to clean

    Then glossy tile, being smoother, is very easy to clean! Indeed, it is more resistant to splashes and dirt, which therefore makes it must easier to maintain.

    3. Make the room look bigger

    Finally, in addition to making a room much brighter while being easy to maintain, glossy tiles can visually enlarge a space. Laying this style of tile will give the illusion that the room is larger than it actually is. Thus, it is the ideal solution if you want to cover a small house for example!

    To conclude, choose based on what will best meet your expectations in terms of maintenance, safety, and durability. Even though the appearance of various tiles are different and do not provide the same sensations, do not base your thinking simply on the aesthetics, also consider the use of that kind of tiles in your house.


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  • How much do you know about Matt Tiles? 25Jan

    How much do you know about Matt Tiles?

    In addition to having the choice between different sizes, colors, and compositions, the tiles are also available in different finishes. So, you have the choice between matt tile or gloss tile. And in this case, which one to choose? What style will suit your room best? Indeed, choosing matt or shiny tiles will not have the same result. In this article, we are going to talk about the matt tiles in detail.

    Matt tile

    Matt tiles are generally used to give the house a natural look. It is not much glossy in look and feel.

    Why choose Matt Tiles?

    1. Better adhesion

    The finish of a matt tile is much less smooth, which means that it provided better adhesion than glossy tiles.

    2. Durable

    Matt tiles are an excellent choice if you want to cover the floor of your bathroom or any other high-traffic room since matt tiles are very durable!

    3. A better solution for outdoor

    In addition, it is also a good solution to consider for outdoor spaces, since this tile has good non-slip properties. So, you can walk and move around quietly and safely on matt tiles. In many houses, there are senior citizens. For those houses, matt tiles will be a good solution. As, matt tiles are not that much slippery, the old people will not be in danger of slipping compared to the glossy tiles.

    4. A budget-friendly tile

    Matt tiles are cheaper compared to glossy tiles. So, if you are on a tight budget and want an overall compact solution when it comes to the flooring of your house, then matt tiles can be your choice.

    If you want to create a 'relaxing' environment, then matt tiles will be perfect for that! Indeed, it has a charm all its own. Whether it is wood effect or stone effect tiles, the mat finish will add a very elegant classic touch.


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  • The differences between Ceramic, Vitrified, and Porcelain tiles 21Jan

    The differences between Ceramic, Vitrified, and Porcelain tiles

    When it comes to choosing the flooring for the floors of our house, we are faced with a wide variety of options that can make the task complicated. There are a multitude of materials that we can choose from and, within each material, multiple alternatives in terms of formats, colors, textures, or finishing treatments. In this article, we are going to talk about the differences between Ceramic tiles, Vitrified tiles, and Porcelain tiles.

    Ceramic Tiles

    Ceramic tiles are made with red, brown, and white clay and can be glazed or unvarnished, they are baked in a charcoal or wood oven. Ceramic tiles are often best for countertops, backsplashes, walls, and mosaics. Unvarnished ceramic floor tiles typically have an opaque finish and come in shades of red-brown or the natural color of clay. In addition to innovative developments, ceramic tiles have intrinsic properties that make them a sustainable material by nature. In addition to their aesthetic-decorative function in cladding spaces, ceramic tiles play an increasingly relevant role in the framework of sustainability and energy efficiency thanks to their intrinsic properties, both in the architectural world, urban planning or in the own domestic environment of the home.

    Vitrified Tiles

    Now, let’s talk about Vitrified tile. The body of the vitrified tile is manufactured by ultra-high temperature treatment, the hardness is very high, and the water absorption. The production process comparison Due to the production process, the texture of the vitrified tiles is relatively simple. The surface of the wear-resistant non-slip vitrified tile is relatively smooth and smooth, so the surface needs special treatment to make it non-slip and wear-resistant.

    Porcelain Tiles

    Porcelain tile is a more refined material, which means that its price is somewhat higher than that of ceramic tile. Most porcelain tiles are made using white clay, which is much more refined and purified. porcelain tiles denser than ceramic tiles and makes it an even more resistant floor.


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  • How much do you know about the manufacturing of tiles? 07Dec

    How much do you know about the manufacturing of tiles?

    The tile one of the main decoration elements nowadays. There are tiles of different types, colors, and materials found in the market. But, do you know, how tiles are manufactured in the first place? In this article, we are going to talk about this.

    The Atomization

    From the clay and kaolin mines, they are extracted and transported to the factory. The first step in the process is called atomization of the clay. It consists of diluting the material in water until it is very liquid (more than 80% humidity). An atomizer is a thermal machine with a cylindrical body and an inverted conical base, in which, using pumps, the humid clay is poured through its upper part while a huge flow of very hot air is injected through the lower part (about 580ºC) generated by a system of high-performance fans and burners or by taking advantage of calorific surpluses from cogeneration systems. When both flows cross, there is almost instantaneous evaporation of the water present in the slip until its humidity is reduced to 6%.

    The clay thus prepared is stored in silos from where, the actual tile manufacturing process begins- PRESSING, DRYING, GLAZING, AND BURNING.

    Pressing and Drying

    The pressing machine’s function is to give shape and a certain consistency to this clay powder by a hydraulic circuit. Upon release from the pressing machine, the future tile already has its final shape, although it will undergo contractions in the firing process. These pieces, which we can easily break by hand, are then passed to a dryer that reduces their humidity to below 1%.

    Following the dryer are the enameling lines, where the pieces receive successive layers of liquid enamels, serigraphs, powdered enamels, injected enamels, etc. These phases of the process normally work 16 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week, while the furnace works uninterruptedly 24 hours a day about 330 days a year. These wagons, just before unloading go through a drying tunnel that eliminates the residual moisture and preheats the material to about 80ºC.


    he kiln, which measures between 100 and 150 meters long, is continuous so that rows of tiles are permanently fed on rollers that rotate continuously, as the material advances, passing over that roller path through the inside the oven, finding the right temperature in each area. Depending on the material to be fired, the maximum temperature ranges from 1120ºC for a wall tile, called cladding, to 1170ºC for a stoneware floor and up to 1240ºC for a porcelain tile. At the exit of the oven, the material has already been cooled in the last third of its journey or a little more and can be manipulated.

    Some of this material is already sorted in the quality control machines and packed and the rest goes to the grinding and polishing sections to give a somewhat different final appearance.

    And so, in less than 3 hours we can have a handful of dust turned into a beautiful tile whose life will be long. During the entire process, the actions of the factory workers are to monitor and control the process. Nobody touches a tile in the whole process, not even the boxes in which they are packed.


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  • Tile ideas to enhance the look of your house 07Oct

    Tile ideas to enhance the look of your house

    The term tile refers to a piece of ceramic, usually square or rectangular, of small or medium size, that has a vitrified face, caused by the burning of a substance called enamel. This glazecan decorate the tile in a single color or in a polychrome. The tile can be used as a wall covering element, both indoors and outdoors, or as part of large decorative and artistic elements.

    Tiles are more specific as far as their location is concerned. Inside the house the vast majority of people go with the tile in the bathroom. It gives it a more sophisticated and even modern touch. Relaxation is sought in the bathroom. That is not a secret. That is why a good tile would come in handy to give that touch to the most intimate part of the house. When we buy a new home, we are mostly concerned about the designs of tiles. That is why in this article, we are going to talk about some ideas to choose tiles for your house.

    A classic in white

    It never fails: white tile with a smooth surface but with imperfections and lowered edges. The kitchen and the bathroom are among the environments in which this type of coating is most used.

    In the same color range

    Another idea that you can add to your inspiration list to modernize the metro tile is to combine it in several shades of the same color. We propose a neutral and earth tones that grants even more volume and dimension than if it were used in a single tone.

    The most 'chic' black

    Elegant, chic, protagonist, personal, sophisticated, charismatic ... it is a color but it has so much strength that in decoration only the most attracted resort to it. It is true that it has the peculiarity of darkening the spaces, so you have to know how to use it (combine it with white and with ad hoc lighting); but when done right, the effect is shocking. And the metro tile in black is also one of the most used in the walls of bathrooms and toilets.

    Who said that metro was retro?

    We propose a risky and highly designer mix: kitchen cabinets finished in pink, blue metro tiles on the wall and touches that add shine like the glass present in the display case and in the jewel hood on the hob. Everything is a matter of daring to combine, to design personal spaces in which mixing can be the hallmark.


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