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  • Different Floor tiles option for open Space Flooring 21Jul

    Different Floor tiles option for open Space Flooring

    Now and then, each of us needs to breathe some clean air. We need a few spaces in our homes where we can relax, think, and reinvent ourselves. These floor tiles tips will expose you to the best flooring materials that should be installed in that area. Not to mention, they will see the most usage out of all the rooms in your house.


    They must be attractive, and useful, and contribute to a quality intramural. With this list of flooring tips, we've looked at a variety of open areas and flooring materials that can withstand things like car wheels, puppy paws, stilettos, and more. 

    Garden or patio

    A floor made of natural wood might produce beautiful harmony with the stones, grass, and flowers in your garden. Nevertheless, we must consider the everyday exposure to wetness that this location is likely to have. While you water your plants every day, open space is frequently exposed to weather elements like dew and rain.


    Hardwood flooring will be challenging to preserve in such a situation. A digitally vitrified tile is available in flooring with a natural wooden finish. Timber-look Garden floor tiles can survive a variety of environmental conditions and heavy foot traffic.


    They outlast wooden flooring in terms of durability. Pets can easily move around on a tiled floor because of their padded paws.


    Armani Gris Tiles

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    Armani Gris Tiles are ideal for designing a natural-looking patio area where you can relax under the sunshine because of their magnificent slate effect design and lifelike veining.


    Azure Grey Tiles

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    These Azure Grey Slab Tiles are an easy-to-clean substitute for concrete paving slabs and are ideal for building a pleasant terrace.


    Exotic Grey Indoor / Outdoor Tiles

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    Creating an indoor-outdoor environment and integrating it into your interior is a popular trend when it comes to making use of outdoor spaces, for a smooth transition.


    Natural Slate Effect with Brooklyn Wood Grey

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    The Natural Slate Effect with Brooklyn Wood Grey, paving slabs do provide the impression of a natural wood surface. These are useful and durable for the winter months while adding a touch of elegance to your outside area.


    Parking and driveway

    When choosing the best parking floor tiles, a homeowner's top concerns are safety and longevity. However, it's crucial to remember that excellent strength, safety, and durability don't have to come at the expense of beauty.


    tiles, which come in a huge selection of colors and designs, may instantly alter the appearance of your parking spot. Additionally, they ensure the safest driving and parking experience this is because of their excellent slip resistance.


    Parking Floor Tiles Made of Rigid Plastic

    The top stiff garage floor tiles are made of PVC alone. They can withstand the majority of chemicals, oils, grease, and other unpleasant things found in a garage because they are typically 1/4-inch thick.


    They have the strength to hold up cars and car jacks. Higher-end options are available with composite tread surfaces and a distinctive appearance.


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    Tiles for a flexible garage floor

    Numerous interlocking flexible garage floor tiles are available. These softer tiles are simple to install and remove, much like stiff plastic.


    Flexible parking floor tiles have many advantages over rigid ones, including being significantly more comfortable to stand and walk on for extended periods. Some interlocking rubber tile varieties are intended for usage in living spaces and daycare facilities.

    Almost every color and a wide variety of patterns and profiles are available in flexible garage floor tiles.


    Parking floor tiles made of wood composite

    Although these tiles are designed primarily for basement subflooring systems, wood composite tiles like DRIcore can also be utilized as garage flooring. A polyethylene moisture barrier on the bottom of the wood composite tile keeps the top dry.


    You can use DRIcore panels in place of subflooring methods that make use of sleepers or plywood. The fact that DRIcore is only 7/8-inch thick gives it a significant advantage over these other materials.


    According to the maker, the panels have enough strength for typical garage uses up to 6,000 pounds per square foot. Each of the two square foot panels weighs around eight pounds.


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    You can enjoy your favorite cup of coffee in this area of your home as you observe the outside world. You probably want that room to have a regal and opulent appearance so you can relax there after a long day. Tiles suitable for the balcony are distinctive and have a modern edge.


    This collection's strong metallic hues will adorn your balcony with the newest accents. For the most durable flooring, these balcony floor tiles are made with anti-slip and frost-resistant features.


    Mosaic Tiles of Different Colors 

    The most famous type of balcony floor tile is mosaic, which is also a vibrant method to adorn balcony floors. Mosaics are available in whatever color you like.


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    Wooden Texture or Tiles

    These wooden balcony floor tile designs can be used on both the wall and the floor of your balcony. The forests are unforgiving, difficult, and resistant to all types of rain and sun squalor. You might also choose tiles with a wooden texture.


    Design the Balcony with Travertine Tiles

    These tiles may have been present in your visitors' homes. The limestone used to make these tiles made of travertine is slip-resistant and ideal for use both inside and outside of your apartment or home.


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    When we consider this area of our home, nostalgia sets in. Warm and happy recollections of our terraces include playing cards with our relatives, chasing kites, and drying sour snacks in the sun. We experience a wide range of weather on our rooftops.


    The most resilient terrace floor tiles must be used for the flooring of this area because extreme weather conditions like hailstorms, sweltering heat, rain, etc. can lead to significant wear and tear.


    Wood effect outdoor flooring

    If you enjoy terraces with a rustic or country house feel but can't afford the maintenance of real wood, go for wood impression tiles. But this genuine appearance will also blend well with more contemporary wood terraces, these are eye-opening ideas you could get in our wooden flooring tips.


    The warm appearance of wood effect outdoor flooring is one of its benefits. This is a chameleon of a decision, and it will easily fit into its surroundings.


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    Stone outdoor flooring

    Porcelain tiles with a stone look are one of your best options among the available terrace floor tiles. The most recent styles give a gorgeous mineral element to your outdoor environment and take a brilliant approach to the color palette.


    Cement outdoor flooring

    Another essential for a terrace is cement. This style might be the ideal complement to your other decorative components and help you create a calm, peaceful environment. 


    Use the same tiles in and around your pool if you want to achieve a raw vibe for your outdoor flooring. They might also be used to make steps for a swimming pool or hung up on the walls for an incredible effect.



    Finally, fixing the right tiles in every space of your home has a perfect feeling. Whether it is a large or a small space the tiles applied on the walls or floor will always motivate you to build a lovely indoor or outdoor area. Decorate every space in your home with these amazing and innovative open space flooring tips and give your home a new look.



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  • Top 10 Different Types of Tiles, Explained by Pros 08Jul

    Top 10 Different Types of Tiles, Explained by Pros

    Tiles are an underappreciated building material that is usually used in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. However, tiles have become more popular over time due to the numerous possibilities accessible and the variety of textures and patterns that are now available!


    They can freshen up any place with their colors and textures because they are now applied to many surfaces in creative ways. Due to the superior products and services provided, Deco stone Design has developed a brand for itself.


    The variety of available tiles may surprise you if you've never attempted a tiling project. The most popular types of tiles are ceramic and porcelain, but there are also glass, cement, metal, and stone tiles, to name a few. It's further complicated by the fact that not all tile types are appropriate for all projects, and of course, you must take your budget into account. It's difficult to avoid feeling a little overwhelmed, so we did the legwork for you.


    Our specialists will go through 10 distinct tile kinds that are frequently used in homes so you can choose the right ones for your project now or in the future. For a redesign, you'll love for years to come, learn which tiles are best for each type of home project.


    1. Ceramic tiles

    Ceramic tiles


    Since ceramic tile may be used in a variety of settings, it is one of the most popular types of tiles in homes. They are simple to clean and don't hold onto germs, ceramic tiles are frequently used in kitchens and bathrooms.


    How to identify a ceramic tile?

    Because ceramic tiles have a porous clay backing, you can tell if a tile is ceramic by dabbing some water on the back of it and seeing if it soaks in. Ceramic tiles are non-porous on the top because they have a glass coating.


    Also, make sure you get the distinction between glazed and unglazed as well. Glazed ceramic tiles offer greater protection for flooring with a longer lifespan whereas unglazed ceramic tiles give off an artistic, rustic appearance.


    2. Porcelain tiles

    Porcelain tiles


    The most popular tile right now is porcelain tile because it is essentially a form of ceramic tile. Porcelain tiles have the advantage of being even more resilient and long-lasting than ceramic tiles, allowing them to be employed in both residential and commercial settings.


    How do identify a porcelain tile?

    Put some water on the back of a porcelain tile; if it does not soak in, it is a porcelain tile. This is because porcelain is vitrified, which means it is non-absorbent.

    The installation of porcelain tile can be challenging, Although DIY installation is possible, Castellano claims that many homeowners overlook the requirement for an adhesive when installing this kind of flooring.


    3. Marble Tile

    Marble Tile


    Marble tiles, despite being expensive, instantly give a room a touch of refinement and elegance. Marble needs a lot of maintenance to keep it looking perfect. Marble tile is also difficult to clean and, like any stone, is prone to scratches and stains.


    How do you recognize a marble tile?

    Since marble is a naturally occurring stone that must be cut, there is no molding on the reverse like there would be with porcelain or ceramic tiles. The vein system in marble runs from the front to the rear of the tile and is often polished.


    Marble is frequently used in aesthetic elements like shower floors, columns, and backsplashes rather than worktops by homeowners. Utilizing it for minor applications will also allow your budget to relax.


    4. Granite tiles

    Granite tiles


    Because of its natural flecks, granite is a natural stone that resembles marble in appearance and texture, yet there are several important variations.


    Due to its durability and stain resistance, granite is a form of tile that maintains its stunning appearance throughout time. It might be a common choice of tile for cabin-style interiors.


    How to identify a granite tile?

    A polished granite tile has a speckled appearance that can be seen on the front, sides, and back of the tile. The rear of the tile also has a smooth surface.


    5. Mosaic Tile

    Mosaic Tile

    Since mosaic tiles are available in such a wide variety of sizes, colors, patterns, and even materials, you can exercise your creative interior design muscles.

    Mosaic tiles can soon appear antiquated depending on the sort of tile you select. As you choose the tile and the area where it will be laid, keep that in mind.


    How to identify a mosaic tile?

    Glass, stone, and ceramic are the most frequently utilized materials in these tiles, which are formed of a variety of materials. They are usually small in size and arranged in groups to produce a stronger visual impression. They are primarily utilized for outdoor design, floors, walls, and furniture.


    6. Limestone Tile



    Another type of natural stone tile is limestone. It is reasonably robust and will maintain its good condition over the medium to long term. It fits in well in a variety of home interiors and has a light, natural appearance.


    Living rooms, baths, and foyers frequently include limestone tiles. It is preferable to avoid using them in the kitchen because of their susceptibility to stains.


    How can I tell whether a tile is limestone?

    A matte-finished tile with a smooth back and a tint that is typically light, limestone has a look that is somewhat stained like marble. It is also extremely dense.


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    7. Travertine Tile

    Travertine Tile


    Travertine tile gives a unique, organic look like that of limestone. Like other varieties of natural stone tile, it is easily damaged by moisture, stains, and traction. Travertine tile needs additional maintenance and resealing from time to time because of this.


    Travertine tiles work best in areas with less traffic in a house. Additionally, many designers may put these tiles on walls rather than floors to prevent scratches, etching, or stains.


    How to identify a travertine tile?

    Travertine tiles contain a variety of wavy colors throughout. Limestone and travertine could have a resemblance. Another name for travertine is travertine limestone.


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    8. Slate tile

    Slate tile


    This sedimentary stone naturally forms into thin horizontal layers and contains a mixture of quartz and shale. Quarries can use the rock to make smooth and distinctly textured tiles by hitting it to shatter it and separate the layers.


    The stone is a good option for outdoor tile and paver applications because of its natural rustic appearance. Slate may be applied in a variety of settings and has a highly refined and elegant style.


    How to identify a slate tile?

    The layers that make up a slate tile give it a highly rustic appearance. The colors of slate range from black and blue to green, and the sizes of the layers can be irregular.


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    9. Resin Tile

    Resin Tile


    Resin tile is a great option, to combine the styles you want. These tiles have a gorgeous appearance and are waterproof. Additionally, since you may create your tile designs, they are ideal for DIYers. Resin is especially well-liked for its 3D patterns, which can mimic the appearance of water and stones.


    One disadvantage of resin tile is its propensity to chip and fade over time, especially when exposed to sunlight. The bathroom and mudroom are examples of water-prone places where resin flooring is advised. They work well as accent pieces and backsplashes as well.


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    10. Quarry Tile

    Quarry Tile


    Quarry tile is created in a method that is quite like bricks using ground resources (though technically stronger). Quarry tile is created by combining crushed minerals such as feldspar, clay, and shale, which are then baked at temperatures above 2000 degrees.


    They derive their name from the location of the ground minerals: a quarry, these tiles are inherently dense, nonporous, and water-resistant with a very low water absorption rate since they are fired at exceptionally high temperatures. They can either have a glaze applied or be left unfinished. They don't need to be sealed, which is an additional advantage.


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    One of the best benefits of tiles is their versatility—they can be used in many different ways depending on where they are placed. For example, if you have a limited budget, you can choose to purchase cheaper tiles. However, if you want something that looks high-end, you need to spend more money on tiles.


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  • 5 Hottest Eye Catching Tiles Trends for 2023 20Jun

    5 Hottest Eye Catching Tiles Trends for 2023

    Trends in tile design shift dramatically from year to year, although certain patterns provide long-term pleasure. When searching for a new appearance, think about not only what will feel current now, but also what will keep its relevance time and time again.


    Thankfully, some of the best outfits this year combine the best of both worlds. Any kitchen, bathroom, or office can be transformed into a work of art with the correct design. For years, large format tile has dominated the tiled landscape, but it is now sharing the spotlight with mosaic tile patterns once again.


    Small tiles placed in mosaic patterns are featured in some of the most attractive tile designs of 2022. Although each tile is modest, when combined, they produce a larger-than-life look. 

    Square and rectangular tiles used to be the most popular, but homeowners and business designers are becoming more adventurous.


    Azul Imperial Tile

    Azul Imperial Tile

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    The Azul Imperial tile is 100% granite. It comes in a size which is 800 by 1600mm; the product thickness is between 10 – 60mm depending on your preference. The Azul imperial has three main finishes: satin, matt, and carving finishes. The tiles can be applied on bathroom walls, kitchen walls, and bedroom walls other spaces it can be used include but are not limited are floors, airports, metro stations, shopping malls, hotels, and so on.


    Spanish Décor Tile

    Spanish Décor Tiles

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    The Spanish tile is a traditionally made tile crafted and decorated from the floral and geometric design concept, they fit into placements on the bathroom walls, kitchen walls, and bedroom walls amongst others. The Spanish tiles come in a minimalist design to blend with the modern concept of designs. They come in two finishes which are matt and carving finish with a size of 600 by 1200mm.


    Briller Bianco Tile

    Briller Bianco Tiles

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    Briller Bianco tile is a 100% ceramic tile that has a size of 600 by 1200mm and a thickness of 9mm. it has a satin, matt, and carving finish, suitable for bedroom walls and floor. Other amazing features include digital print, low water absorption, random design, it’s eco-friendly tiles that require no maintenance whatsoever, it is solely an interior fitting tile be it residential, commercial, wall, or floor.


    Moroc Crema Tile

    Moroc Crema Tile

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    This tile originated from Moroc with a singular size type of 600 by 1200mm with a thickness of up to 15mm, created in satin and matt finishes, it can be used for both interior and exterior purposes, the type of fitting for this tile type is bathroom floor, bedroom floor, and kitchen floor, other application areas are residential, commercial building, hotel, restaurant and café, gymnasium, hospital, airport, school and college, hall corridor, mall & supermarket, religious centers and so on.


    Briller Ash Tile

    Briller Ash Tile

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    Briller ash tile is a single-size tile of 600 by 1200mm along with a thickness of 9mm, it comes in 4 finishes which are high gloss, satin, matt, and carving finishes, they also come in special features such as a digital printing, low water absorption, zero maintenance and so on. 



     We have highlighted professional expert advice on the 5 most prevalent varieties of floor and wall tiles, whether you're buying for an immediate job or just planning. Learn which tiles are suitable for each sort of home project so you can enjoy your renovation for years to come.


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  • What Are the Best Non-Slippery Tiles for a Bathroom? 08Jun

    What Are the Best Non-Slippery Tiles for a Bathroom?

    The smooth texture of the tile, which makes it easy to clean, also makes it slippery walking barefoot. When you have, water, and formal shoes, then rushing to get to work can quickly turn into a diversion to the emergency room.


    However, you may prevent an avoidable accident from slips before you purchase your tile. There is a proven method for determining how slippery floor tile will be in whatever seeming conditions. COF (or the coefficient of friction) is a system developed by tile makers to rate slip resistance on the tile.


    This COF rating might assist you to figure out if you're getting the proper tile for the job. COF ratings are readily available for buyers to see other benefits the tile has to offer as well as the level of slip resistance.


    With any sort of flooring, a slipping tile is a huge issue. Minor blunders can have a cascading impact with severe consequences. Tiles that are commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens are porcelain/ceramic tiles because of their improved ability to withstand pooled water. That pooled water, on the other hand, can make that otherwise non-slippery ground feel like a rink for ice skating.


    Many homeowners select flooring based on its appearance and ability to blend into their existing décor. When picking a type of floor for your bathroom, however, performance and safety are important considerations. Because of their moist and slippery nature, bathrooms, unlike other rooms in the house, have a greater danger of accidental falls. Installing a non-slip bathroom tile flooring option that is safe for the elderly and other bathroom users is critical.


    When walking on a wet surface, the right floor for an accessible bathroom should be tough, water-resistant, and provide better grip and traction. Anti-slip bathroom flooring alternatives are available in varieties and designs, making it easy to find something that fits your budget and tastes. The best non-slip flooring alternatives will be examined:


    Adorn Grenado Tiles

    Adorn Grenado Tiles

                                                                                       👉 Buy from here


    If you are looking to end the process of a slippery tile on your floor, adorn grenado is the worthy option, it is an extremely nonslippery bathroom tile. It comes in two main finishes; which are the matt finish and carving finish. It has a single size type which is 600mm by 1200mm.

    There have been honest reviews from clients and customers all over about its firmness and durability.


    Adrina Beige Tiles

    Adrina Beige Tiles

                                                                                       👉 Buy from here


    This Adrina tile is a solid and string tile, with a non-slip bathroom tile surface, structured and designed in a such a way that it has combated any form of accident that may be caused as a result of spilled fluid or footwear without some sort of friction underneath to grip the floor, the Adrina is a beige color type and a thickness of 6mm, it also comes in a Matt and carving finish, it has only one size which is an 800mm by 1600mm size type.


    Briller Ash Tiles

    Briller Ash Tiles

                                                                                       👉 Buy from here


    Is a unique tile type with four different finishes which include; High gloss, satin, matt, and carving finishes, it can be applied both on the wall and the floor, and its thickness is about 9mm. Briller ash has a single size type which is 600mm by 1200mm. other special features of these anti-slippery bathroom tiles are digital print, low water absorption, random designs, eco-friendly, white bodies, and would not require rectification or maintenance.


    Senegal Dark Tile