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  • Best Matt Finish Tiles for Your Bathroom Space 21Oct

    Best Matt Finish Tiles for Your Bathroom Space

    Tiles are highly common for use on bathroom walls and floors. The good thing about tiles is that they are strong, affordable, and available in a wide variety of materials with numerous styles and textures. The fact that tiles can withstand rough use and are used in bathrooms is the main factor in their popularity.


    These days, matt finish tiles for bathrooms are a widely used type of tile. Matt finish tiles are usually used in bathrooms because they are strong and long-lasting. The rough texture of matt finish floor tiles makes them suited for slippery surfaces, giving them a natural anti-skid characteristic. This is one reason why they make an excellent choice for bathrooms.


    Modernism and style are combined in matte finish tiles. These rough-surfaced tiles offer a subtle traditional feel to any room they are used in. Customers may choose the ideal tile more easily based on the area where they will have it installed due to the vast variety of possibilities offered by matt finish tiles. These matt finish tiles provide the room with a beautiful and fashionable appearance, regardless of the material, size, pattern, color, or texture.


    Between mopping sessions, germ-free tiles perform well and stop 99.9% of germ-causing bacteria from growing. This means that you can also put these tiles in places where hygiene is crucial, like hospitals and schools. The anti-skid tiles feature a particular coating that makes them less slick, making them ideal for wet spaces like bathrooms and kitchens that are prone to slips and falls.


    There are various designs available in matt finish tiles for bathrooms, which include wooden, marble, stone, granite, textural, floral, 3D, mosaic, geometric, travertine, Carrara, and statuario. Additionally, ceramic tiles require minimal upkeep and may be quickly cleaned or washed down.


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    The Advantages of Using Matt Tiles


    The traction of matt finish floor tiles makes them a great choice if you want to increase safety indoors. Instead of the less practical glossy option, a more textured surface that provides a better grip will help you avoid slips and trips in your home.


    But that doesn't mean you have to forgo style. The best of both features is yours with attractive matt tiles like those in the Salt Tech series, which brilliantly achieve the ideal balance between safety and aesthetics.


    Due to their longevity and resistance to slipping, matte tiles are also suggested for paving outdoor spaces. However, if your flooring will be exposed to the elements, you should choose strong, non-porous, slip-resistant tiles like rustic quarry tiles that combine beauty and functionality for outdoor use.


    The lack of visibility of smudges and dried water droplets makes matte bathroom tiles a fantastic option for busy restrooms.


    Homeowners can create an authentic and modern atmosphere by using matte wall tiles. Even in vast, spacious spaces, the matt sheen tiles help to create a warm and homey feeling since it reduces light reflection compared to tiles with a gloss finish.


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    Before Choosing a Matt Finish Tile, Keep in Mind the Following:


    1) Simple to Use - Since matte finish tiles are often tough and durable, they are then used in bathrooms. They are also an excellent option since, with a little maintenance, they typically survive for a very long period.


    2) Grip - Matt tiles are frequently chosen as bathroom flooring because of their uneven surface, which creates friction and reduces the risk of slipping on a wet surface.

    3) Dominating the décor - One factor that should make you cautious when choosing a matte finish tile is that it typically has a very strong personality. Matt's designs frequently have a natural, rustic vibe, so it's important to choose a texture or pattern that works with the room's decor. If a matt finish tile is not in harmony with the rest of the decor, it could end up looking weird.


    4) Outdoors - Matt tiles might be utilized outside in addition to in kitchens and bathrooms. Being strong and low maintenance, it is an excellent option for any type of outdoor area, whether it be seating areas, sections of a garden, or tiles around the swimming pool. It is safe to walk on even when it rains thanks to its inherent anti-skid characteristic.


    5) Works well in large spaces - Since matte tiles don't reflect light, they must be used in a bathroom that is a little roomier. matt finish tile is perfectly displayed in well-lit spaces with adequate natural lighting as well.


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    Matte Finish Tiles Are Available in A Variety of Colors

    • White
    • Grey
    • Brown
    • Blue
    • Beige
    • Black
    • Cream
    • Ivory
    • Green
    • Pink
    • Yellow
    • Multi-colour
    • Orange
    • Red
    • Purple
    • Terracotta
    • Sandune
    • Wenge

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  • The Latest High Gloss Black Porcelain Floor Tiles Trends 13Oct

    The Latest High Gloss Black Porcelain Floor Tiles Trends

    With the carefully picked assortment available to shop, discover the newest high gloss black porcelain floor tiles for your house. You may find the ideal High Gloss Tile item right here, whether you want a Tile with a special, one-of-a-kind feature or want a Tile that can mix and match colors, materials, and designs.


    What Are High Gloss Tiles?


    As the name suggests, high gloss floor tiles have a glossier, more polished finish that helps reflect light off the surface. In addition to being beautiful, these tiles are also very adaptable and add space and light to any room in your home.


    High gloss tiles are excellent for bringing life and freshness into a space. By reflecting light back and forth throughout the space, these types of tiles maximize natural lighting in areas with little or no natural lighting.


    Types Of High Gloss Black Porcelain Tiles


    Here are a few of the various high-gloss black porcelain floor tiles that are now popular:


    High Gloss Taurus Black Tiles


    The tile has a dark shade texture and an incredibly glossy polish. In addition to the traditional straight pattern, you could ingeniously put down this tile in a Versailles design. This tile looks brand new for a long time because it is very simple to maintain and doesn't get dirty or discolored.


    Any type of space, including a living room, bedroom, office, restaurant, and even locations with high foot traffic, can use this tile. Additionally, this tile is offered in an optimal tile size of 600 mm × 600 mm, which fits most locations. Bring these tiles home to give your room a distinctive, modern, and contemporary look.


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    High Gloss Negro Marble Tiles


    This tile has a distinctive black color and a very glossy polish. The tile is one of the strongest and most durable ones on the market since it was made with meticulous care. it is quite affordable, making it ideal for everyone. In addition, this tile is very simple to clean with just a wet cloth or mop and doesn't require maintenance for years.


    High Gloss Negro Marble is appropriate for usage in public areas like restaurants, showrooms, workplaces, bars, and living rooms. In addition to the traditional straight pattern, you could effectively put down this tile in a Versailles design.


    High Gloss Marquina Black Tiles


    Maquina marble, a modern and visually arresting material, is unique to Spain. High Gloss Marquina Black, draws heavily from that aesthetics. These glossy-finished glazed vitrified tiles are certain to grab your attention right away.


    These wall and floor tiles look great in high-traffic areas and may be utilized in both home and commercial settings. The white veins that run through these black tiles add to their artistic appeal. Because of their adaptability, longer shelf life, and ease of maintenance, vitrified tiles are preferred.


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    High Gloss Taurus Black Marble Tiles


    If you want floor tile selections with a traditional yet modern appearance. This brand-new tile's natural white color will give your rooms a luxurious appearance. The artistic slate-like pattern when laid on the floor will give your bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, or living spaces a trendy and homey appearance. These glossy-finish tiles can add vibrancy and beauty to your surroundings when paired with other, brighter tiles and unusual designs.


    These digital, polished, glazed, vitrified tiles, which come in 1200mm x 1600mm, 800mm x 1600mm, 600mm x 1200mm, 1200mm x 1200mm, 1200mm x 2400mm, 800mm x 2400mm Sizes mm tile sizes, are ideal for offices, commercial spaces like bars and restaurants, schools, and high-traffic areas.


    High Gloss Portoro Silver Marble Tiles


    This tile has a super-glossy finish that gives it additional polish and contributes to the creation of a smooth surface. Its size is 1200mm x 1600mm, 800mm x 1600mm, 600mm x 1200mm, 1200mm x 1200mm, 1200mm x 2400mm, 800mm x 2400mm Sizes is suitable for usage in a variety of settings, including the office, bedroom, living room, restaurant, etc. This tile is one of the strongest yet most elegant ones on the market since it has a glazed vitrified body.


    If you choose this option, maintaining tiles won't take up much of your time or money. Also, since it doesn't retain moisture, it is simple to clean and may be washed or wiped with running water. it is resistant to fire, insects, scratches, stains, and flames.


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    How to Clean White High Gloss Floor Tiles


    You must maintain high gloss surfaces since, as was already indicated, they will quickly show fingerprints, watermarks, mud, scuff markings, and paw prints. By using these simple cleaning methods, you can maintain the elegance of your tiles on how to clean white high-gloss floor tiles.


    - Vacuum the Floors 

    - Sweep the Floors

    - Untangle the Stains

    - Use hot water

    - Mop the Whole Floor

     -Clean the corners


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    How much do high gloss tiles cost?


    The style and brand you select have a significant impact on the high gloss tiles price for walls and floors. Of course, where you decide to live will also play a role.


    When you purchase high-gloss tiles, you can be certain that you will receive value for your money. The cost of certain common high gloss tiles at phone call with the best price.




    In conclusion, some high gloss floor tile variations may be slippery in damp areas like bathrooms. However, if you choose to use high gloss tiles in your home, you can still locate high gloss floor tiles that are non-slippy for added security.



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  • Grey Tile Design Ideas for Your Beautiful Home 19Sep

    Grey Tile Design Ideas for Your Beautiful Home

    One of the biggest color trends right now is grey! Being a neutral tone, it blends well with the majority of color and design schemes. There is no sign of grey losing its dominance in interior design trends, which it has had for years.


    Grey is amid dark and light, so it may give your space warmth and coziness whether you use it as the primary color scheme for your living room or as a neutral tone to balance out bold colors.


    But regardless of whether you want to use it alone or with other items, picking the proper shade of grey will make all the difference in how it looks.


    Grey tiles come in a variety of materials, with ceramic and vitrified being the two most widely used since they are strong, long-lasting, simple to clean, and have low porosity. These characteristics make them the best option for any type of residential or commercial area.


    Let's now have a look at some grey tile patterns for your place, whether it be indoors or outdoors.


    Dark grey tiles for a touch of sophistication to your space

    charbhuja armani gris tiles

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    As the name implies, dark tiles are tiles with a darker color and are frequently used in formal areas like offices and showrooms, while they can also be utilized in home spaces. Dark grey tiles like the Antica Moca of Charbhuja tile can offer your room a striking appearance that will stand out.


    Dark shades of grey, such as coal and graphite, can be used in conjunction with vibrant, eye-catching colors, such as yellow, coral, and teal, to give your space a sophisticated appearance. However, it is not wise to use dark grey tiles throughout the entire house because they can make the space appear darker.


    Grey small-scale tiles with white

    cahrbhuja iberico grey tiles

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    Iberico grey from charbhuja tile collections can fit into the bathroom; kitchen and bedroom, using gray tiles can be a stylish and elegant decision. Caitlin Jones Ghajar, the principal designer at Caitlin Jones Design, explains that she prefers to utilize smaller-scale tiles with different colors to break up a wall of gray.


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    Replace the dull white tiles with light grey ones

    charbhuja armani gris tiles

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    Since lighter colors reflect more light, light grey tiles are a popular choice for individuals who wish to create a modern appearance while keeping the brightness of the room. Armani Gris can be utilized to design a minimalist kitchen or a quiet bedroom.


    Because they blend nicely with the majority of colors in the color spectrum, lighter shades of grey with glossy finishes are highly popular for kitchen and bathroom walls. The use of marble-looking floor tiles makes it easy to give elegance to rooms like bedrooms and clothing stores, among other places.


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    Using highlighter tiles will make your room stand out

    charbhuja azure grey tiles

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    charbhuja azure bianco tiles

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    You don't have to stick to just plain, Azure grey and Azure Bianco tiles are the best matches for your space. Grey accent tiles or highlighter might unexpectedly spruce up your decor.


    Using patterned tiles can assist create a captivating focal point and break up the space's monotony. Even a faint pattern will be enough to attract attention; you don't need to go all out.

    For instance, if you don't want highlighter tiles to overpower a kitchen, only add patterned tiles to the backsplash while leaving the rest of the walls plain.


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    Guidelines for creating a grey look


    The shade of grey you want to use should be taken into consideration when choosing a color scheme or design. Every shade of grey is unique, and depending on the lighting and decor, it can have a very distinct effect.


    Grey can be used to soften too vibrant colors like neon and lemon yellow. Since grey is a neutral color, it can help tone down the brightness of the shade while highlighting the splash of color it contributes to the room.


    Dark colors should be used with caution in wide, open areas since they make closed rooms appear darker. To give your space a diverse appeal without deviating from your color plan, combine different textures and finishes.


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    Do gray tiles work well in a bathroom?


    "As long as it's warm gray, yes," Warm shades of gray are tranquil and soothing. Warm gray tiles also go well with marble and limestone, which have delicate tones. According to Todd Prince, designer at Todd Prince Design, "this ability to mix successfully with natural materials enables for unlimited color combinations and stylish directions to be achieved".



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  • Looking for tiles for a Small Kitchen 05Sep

    Looking for tiles for a Small Kitchen

    Discover how little tile may have a significant design impact on the backsplash, countertops, and tiles for small kitchens by enhancing them with eye-catching and simple-to-clean tile.


    Even a tiny kitchen with a limited room can feel spacious with the use of tile. Tile backsplashes, flooring, and worktops in the kitchen will contain spills as well as draw attention to the room.


    Every element you add to a tiny kitchen design matters, and this includes the kitchen tiles you decide to use. Finding the right small white kitchen ideas that might make the difference between an impressive kitchen design and one that doesn't quite measure up.


    To make it feel as big and bright as possible, it's crucial to pick the proper-sized tiles. However, it's not just about size; dark tiles placed incorrectly in the kitchen might give the impression that it's smaller.


    Utilizing the same wall and floor tiles can help a tiny kitchen appear larger. Laying rectangular tiles horizontally will make the space appear larger or longer; placing them vertically will make the room appear higher.


    You can achieve a coherent appearance by utilizing a color scheme that effortlessly transitions from the tiles to the units. Use vibrant mosaics as a backsplash or under cabinets if your units are white to add personality.



    1. Tile a Whole Wall in a Small Kitchen

    Keep things simple in a tiny kitchen, we're sure we've mentioned before. However, we'll admit we were mistaken and point out that a small room can benefit greatly from bold patterns and colorful tiles.


    To give the impression that the room is larger, a little geometric pattern can virtually blur the room's edges.


    2. Choose Trend Grid Tiles

    The dark, dramatic cabinets are given life by bright colors, and the simple grid design with the square tiles is a significant trend for 2022.


    If you decide to use this style, choose a tile with some texture to prevent it from looking too flat.


    3. Choose Marble Tiles for a Light Luxurious Look

    Another major kitchen style for 2022 is marble kitchens, which you may add a little to your room using tiles.


    Of course, they don't have to be actual marble; if you're remodeling your kitchen on a tight budget, you might go instead for some lovely marble impression tiles.


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    4. Pick Tiles with Colors That Blend with Your Cabinetry

    When you choose backsplash tiles for the kitchen wall and floor that match the color of your cabinets, the room will appear larger than it would if the colors were in contrast.


    Do you require guidance in backsplash tiling? The vertical and horizontal lines produced by arranging them in a grid pattern produce a visual illusion of their own, expanding the area they occupy.


    5. Select a Tile That Reflects Sparkle

    If you have your eye on a dark-colored wall tile, try looking for one with a reflecting finish. Any surface reflecting light will appear larger because it scatters light.


    Vintage mirrored tiles offer a luxurious appearance that can be adored, but if you're looking for something more understated, tiles with a faint metallic sheen will produce a similar result.


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    6. Put Diagonal Lines in Place

    Another simple method to achieve the illusion of more space is to arrange tiles diagonally or select grid-laid tiles with a diagonal pattern. This method is ideal for making a small backsplash area feel larger.


    7. Painting the Wall the Same Color as the Tiles

    Recall that we advised selecting tiles that go well with cabinets. You'll achieve the crucial impact of expanding the area if you also match their color to that of the wall behind them.


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    8. Use Dark Colors Only Under Cabinetry

    This is an additional color trick. To make a small area appear larger, use light colors above and dark colors below the waist or cabinet level.


    The location of these metallic, dark tiles is ideal, and their sparkling surface adds depth and interest by reflecting light. Win, win.


    9. A Herringbone Pattern Can Be Used to Extend Space

    The herringbone pattern will achieve the same result and offer you an up-to-date appearance if you keep the diagonal tile-laying technique in mind.

    For a tiny kitchen design, choose tone tiles rather than ones in opposing colors because this pattern tends to be cluttered.


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    10. Love Motifs? Restrict It to Just One Area

    In a large kitchen, you may get away with splashing patterns on both the walls and the flooring; however, tiles for a small kitchen, keeping patterns to just one area is essential for creating the feeling of more space.


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  • Upgrade Your Kitchen with Latest Charbhuja Kitchen Tiles 26Aug

    Upgrade Your Kitchen with Latest Charbhuja Kitchen Tiles

    Cabinetry and countertops are the focus of kitchen remodeling. Even though they may consume the largest portion of the money, they are not the sole areas of focus. Another essential component of the renovation is finding the ideal kitchen tile. We'll give you some advice on choosing the ideal kitchen tile for your future renovation below.


    One of the most important design choices you can make for your kitchen is whether to keep the current flooring or change it. Colorful or patterned tiles can serve as a focal point or create an edgy modern vibe. The rest of your kitchen can be built on a typical tile floor, which can fade into the background and make other features, such as kitchen backsplash tiles, stand out.


    Decorative floor tile can add character to a minimalist area or give a small kitchen prominence. Installing colorful tile to provide a galley-style, U-shaped, or open-plan kitchen depends on your kitchen’s design.


    Check out these different sized and styled kitchens, which bring style, personality, and functionality to the house’s busiest room, using floor tiles in both conventional and novel ways.


    Which floor tiles are ideal for a kitchen?

    Kitchen Natural Stone Tiles


    The kitchen floor must be strong and long-lasting for such a frequently used area of the house to endure the heavy foot traffic that comes the order to endure the heavy foot traffic that comes along with daily life. Natural Stone Tiles come in a range of designs, including quartz, slate, and stone, and are a popular choice for a rustic farmhouse appearance.


    They are a great option for the kitchen floor because they are timeless, strong, and charming. Check out our selection of porcelain floor tiles if you want something less expensive, easier to maintain, and in various less expensive, easier maintenance, and comes in a variety of styles.


    What kitchen wall tile options are there?

    kitchen Wood Effect Tiles


    With the help of our exquisite range of Wood Effect Tiles, you can achieve a natural look in your house. They are characterized by lifelike knots and grains and come in a variety of colors, forms, and sizes. They add a pleasant presence to your home.


    Our marble effect tiles, which come in ceramic or porcelain with realistic veining, have an authentic appearance and are made to last. They're ideal for people who want to affordably add a touch of elegance to their homes!


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    Would You Prefer a Stone Slab Backsplash or Tile?