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  • Home Kitchen Countertop Latest Tiles Design 27Jan

    Home Kitchen Countertop Latest Tiles Design

    The kitchen is that particular area in your house that remains functional almost always and is in a little need of personalization. Also, in case you are a cooking enthusiast, the kitchen would automatically mean a lot more to you.


    So, if you are looking for options to make your kitchen stand out and inspire the inner chef in you, you have landed at the best place possible.


    This blog will provide you with the detailed suggestion of home kitchen countertop latest tile designs which would definitely outshine traditional kitchens. Thus, give a read to discover more!


    1.  Broken tile mosaic countertop


    If you think that the traditional large-slab countertops are pretty boring you should give this choice of kitchen tiles a try. A broken tile mosaic countertop will turn your kitchen into a party of multiple patterns and vibrant colors.


    While installing this countertop, it is recommended to still to a backsplash in solid color tiles. Match your cabinets with the backsplash and keep the flooring a bit basic.


    2.  Printed tile kitchen countertops


    If you want to customize your cooking are to reflect your personality, printed tile kitchen countertops would be a great choice. You should get your countertop customized by a kitchen tiles supplier to get it accurate.


    Match the backsplash wall tiles and cabinets in a solid color of your choice so that your customized countertop remains the hero.


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    3.  Black tile countertops


    Black is that one classic color you can hardly look away from. Black tile countertops are enough to give your kitchen a sleek look. The other perk of installing black tiles is that they are easy to clean and maintain.


    If you want a sheer contrast in your kitchen, you might try installing ceramic tiles in small circles for the walls. A black countertop helps you play with bold colors for the rest of your kitchen. Try installing kitchen cabinets of bold color.


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    4.  Ceramic tile kitchen countertops


    These tiles are a highly preferred option because ceramic tiles are easy to clean. Thus, house owners who do not prefer their countertops to demand high maintenance can easily give this a go.


    You can try a monochrome look with rectangular ceramic tiles. You can even contrast the view by going black on the backsplash. To maintain the contrast, you can keep the cabinets and floor white.


    You can try Charbhuja Kitchen tiles to rock the look of your kitchen with ceramics.


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    5. Brown tile countertops


    Your kitchen countertop is meant to shine if you have picked brown tiles to decorate your kitchen. This classic choice is meant to overrun every other choice when it comes to kitchen tiles.


    You can use a bit of a contrast with white tiles for the backsplash. Get some bold-colored cabinets and floor tiles to match the vibe


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    If you plan on personalizing your kitchen, you have to be sure about two things in particular. Firstly, picking up a suitable design and selecting a trusted dealer.


    Choose your kitchen tiles dealer in Delhi but you still need to be careful while finalizing. And for the designs, this blog must have proved helpful enough.


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  • Extraordinary Shower Tiles Ideas You Should Try 20Jan

    Extraordinary Shower Tiles Ideas You Should Try

    The most important thing to plan while designing the bathroom is picking the perfect set of bathroom tiles. You need to be careful enough particularly in this step. Because your choice tends to affect your other selections too.


    Therefore, you have to keep in mind the design, size, and pattern of the shower along with the other details before you finalize a specific one.


    You should select your bathroom floor tiles depending on your personality. Because if you are someone who hates regular cleaning, white would be the worst choice for you. Apart from that, you also need to consider the space, design, and budget.


    If you are looking for some of the most extraordinary shower tiles ideas, you have landed at the best possible place. This article has some of the best options listed for you below.


    Gray tiles


    If you are planning on designing your bathroom in white and gray style, then gray tiles would prove to be the best bet for you. They would be an amazing option for your walk-in shower. This option would undoubtedly be the best for modern-styled bathrooms.


    White ceramic brick tiles


    White ceramic brick tiles would serve as a pretty good option as bathroom wall tiles. If you have a small bathroom, these tiles will help. They will make your bathroom look roomier.


    White is undoubtedly an elegant choice if you want your bathroom design to be simple. However, it also leaves enough room if you require some decorations.


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    Tile bench


    This option gives you enough freedom to use small or large ceramic tiles for your walls. Charbhuja bathroom wall tiles would provide you with various options to choose from if you are planning on designing your bathroom with a tile bench.


    You should try and use the comparatively larger tiles on the wall. Then you can add a tile bench inside your walk-in shower. If you are not a big fan of regular cleaning, this option will prove to be one of the best bets.


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    Wooden floor


    This is one of the classic designs to consider while designing your bathroom. If you are looking for the perfect tiles for your bathroom, you should consider giving Charbhuja bathroom floor tiles a try.


    Wooden floors look visually appealing in almost all structures of rooms. However, you need to be a bit careful while selecting wooden tiles. A treated decking wooden floor would be a safe choice because it is moisture-proof.


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    Gravel flooring


    This is undoubtedly an elegant option for your bathroom floors. Try installing ceramic tiles, and then install your gravel flooring for your walk-in shower. You should consider purchasing your floor tiles from a trusted bathroom floor tiles dealer if you want gravel flooring.


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    If you were worried about your choice of shower tiles, this blog would have proved to be a boon for you. Keeping the above suggestions in mind, you also should consider purchasing the tiles from a trusted bathroom wall tiles supplier for better quality.


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  • You May Think That Wood Tiles Look Expensive, but in Reality They Are Not! 13Jan

    You May Think That Wood Tiles Look Expensive, but in Reality They Are Not!

    Are you in need of an alternative to natural wood? Tiles can prove to be a great option. Being an ideal option for easier cleaning and maintaining, tiles are becoming popular with homeowners. Have a look at the various benefits when you choose this product:




    Charbhuja has a huge collection of wooden look tiles for various applications. Wooden look tiles are made up of porcelain material and vitrified tiles. These tiles are available in two charges – single and double.


    The polished glazed wooden tiles are made up of single charge while the rest (except nano tiles) are made up of double charge. This ensures that they live long and at all times look new. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of shades depending on your need and requirement.


    Our wooden look floor tiles cover all needs of our clients – whether you want to go for a rustic or commercial look. They are scratched resistant and resistant to termites. If you are looking for such products you should definitely contact us.


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    Low Cost


    There always comes a time in our lives that we prioritize beauty over cost. This applies even tok tiles. If you are trying to optimize your home but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you should consider wooden look tiles. Wooden look tiles offer a seamless appearance similar to hardwood floors and are more durable than hardwood flooring because it is non-porous.


    In addition, wooden tiles are much more versatile than traditional hardwood floors which are expensive, susceptible to damage and prone to wear and tear. Nothing beats the elegant beauty and allure of the wood. The usual way of achieving this is by installing wood flooring, but it’s expensive and difficult to maintain.


    On the other hand, you could try installing wooden look tiles found in an array of colors and styles to achieve the same elegance at a much lower cost. To give your home a solid wood look and feel but don’t have the budget to spend on expensive hardwood flooring, then you should consider wooden tiles.


    Wooden tiles are now available in a variety of styles and types. Not just that, but they are less costly as compared to hardwood as well.


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    Low maintenance