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  • 5 Hottest Eye Catching Tiles Trends for 2023 20Jun

    5 Hottest Eye Catching Tiles Trends for 2023

    Trends in tile design shift dramatically from year to year, although certain patterns provide long-term pleasure. When searching for a new appearance, think about not only what will feel current now, but also what will keep its relevance time and time again.


    Thankfully, some of the best outfits this year combine the best of both worlds. Any kitchen, bathroom, or office can be transformed into a work of art with the correct design. For years, large format tile has dominated the tiled landscape, but it is now sharing the spotlight with mosaic tile patterns once again.


    Small tiles placed in mosaic patterns are featured in some of the most attractive tile designs of 2022. Although each tile is modest, when combined, they produce a larger-than-life look. 

    Square and rectangular tiles used to be the most popular, but homeowners and business designers are becoming more adventurous.


    Azul Imperial Tile

    Azul Imperial Tile

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    The Azul Imperial tile is 100% granite. It comes in a size which is 800 by 1600mm; the product thickness is between 10 – 60mm depending on your preference. The Azul imperial has three main finishes: satin, matt, and carving finishes. The tiles can be applied on bathroom walls, kitchen walls, and bedroom walls other spaces it can be used include but are not limited are floors, airports, metro stations, shopping malls, hotels, and so on.


    Spanish Décor Tile

    Spanish Décor Tiles

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    The Spanish tile is a traditionally made tile crafted and decorated from the floral and geometric design concept, they fit into placements on the bathroom walls, kitchen walls, and bedroom walls amongst others. The Spanish tiles come in a minimalist design to blend with the modern concept of designs. They come in two finishes which are matt and carving finish with a size of 600 by 1200mm.


    Briller Bianco Tile

    Briller Bianco Tiles

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    Briller Bianco tile is a 100% ceramic tile that has a size of 600 by 1200mm and a thickness of 9mm. it has a satin, matt, and carving finish, suitable for bedroom walls and floor. Other amazing features include digital print, low water absorption, random design, it’s eco-friendly tiles that require no maintenance whatsoever, it is solely an interior fitting tile be it residential, commercial, wall, or floor.


    Moroc Crema Tile

    Moroc Crema Tile

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    This tile originated from Moroc with a singular size type of 600 by 1200mm with a thickness of up to 15mm, created in satin and matt finishes, it can be used for both interior and exterior purposes, the type of fitting for this tile type is bathroom floor, bedroom floor, and kitchen floor, other application areas are residential, commercial building, hotel, restaurant and café, gymnasium, hospital, airport, school and college, hall corridor, mall & supermarket, religious centers and so on.


    Briller Ash Tile

    Briller Ash Tile

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    Briller ash tile is a single-size tile of 600 by 1200mm along with a thickness of 9mm, it comes in 4 finishes which are high gloss, satin, matt, and carving finishes, they also come in special features such as a digital printing, low water absorption, zero maintenance and so on. 



     We have highlighted professional expert advice on the 5 most prevalent varieties of floor and wall tiles, whether you're buying for an immediate job or just planning. Learn which tiles are suitable for each sort of home project so you can enjoy your renovation for years to come.


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  • What Are the Best Non-Slippery Tiles for a Bathroom? 08Jun

    What Are the Best Non-Slippery Tiles for a Bathroom?

    The smooth texture of the tile, which makes it easy to clean, also makes it slippery walking barefoot. When you have, water, and formal shoes, then rushing to get to work can quickly turn into a diversion to the emergency room.


    However, you may prevent an avoidable accident from slips before you purchase your tile. There is a proven method for determining how slippery floor tile will be in whatever seeming conditions. COF (or the coefficient of friction) is a system developed by tile makers to rate slip resistance on the tile.


    This COF rating might assist you to figure out if you're getting the proper tile for the job. COF ratings are readily available for buyers to see other benefits the tile has to offer as well as the level of slip resistance.


    With any sort of flooring, a slipping tile is a huge issue. Minor blunders can have a cascading impact with severe consequences. Tiles that are commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens are porcelain/ceramic tiles because of their improved ability to withstand pooled water. That pooled water, on the other hand, can make that otherwise non-slippery ground feel like a rink for ice skating.


    Many homeowners select flooring based on its appearance and ability to blend into their existing décor. When picking a type of floor for your bathroom, however, performance and safety are important considerations. Because of their moist and slippery nature, bathrooms, unlike other rooms in the house, have a greater danger of accidental falls. Installing a non-slip bathroom tile flooring option that is safe for the elderly and other bathroom users is critical.


    When walking on a wet surface, the right floor for an accessible bathroom should be tough, water-resistant, and provide better grip and traction. Anti-slip bathroom flooring alternatives are available in varieties and designs, making it easy to find something that fits your budget and tastes. The best non-slip flooring alternatives will be examined:


    Adorn Grenado Tiles

    Adorn Grenado Tiles

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    If you are looking to end the process of a slippery tile on your floor, adorn grenado is the worthy option, it is an extremely nonslippery bathroom tile. It comes in two main finishes; which are the matt finish and carving finish. It has a single size type which is 600mm by 1200mm.

    There have been honest reviews from clients and customers all over about its firmness and durability.


    Adrina Beige Tiles

    Adrina Beige Tiles

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    This Adrina tile is a solid and string tile, with a non-slip bathroom tile surface, structured and designed in a such a way that it has combated any form of accident that may be caused as a result of spilled fluid or footwear without some sort of friction underneath to grip the floor, the Adrina is a beige color type and a thickness of 6mm, it also comes in a Matt and carving finish, it has only one size which is an 800mm by 1600mm size type.


    Briller Ash Tiles

    Briller Ash Tiles

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    Is a unique tile type with four different finishes which include; High gloss, satin, matt, and carving finishes, it can be applied both on the wall and the floor, and its thickness is about 9mm. Briller ash has a single size type which is 600mm by 1200mm. other special features of these anti-slippery bathroom tiles are digital print, low water absorption, random designs, eco-friendly, white bodies, and would not require rectification or maintenance.


    Senegal Dark Tile

    Senegal Dark Tile

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    The Senegal dark tile is a ceramic tile with a satin and matt finish; it can be applied to the bathroom wall, kitchen walls, bedroom walls, and bathroom floor. Its thickness is 8.5mm and digital printing technology is applied. These bathroom tiles are non-slippery and is a single size type of 600mm by 1200mm. it’s very durable, also customer review has revealed that it is solid and has solved the problem they encountered that initiated their tile change initially. This is a perfect solution to whatever accident that may arise from slippery tiles.



    It is ideal to request if a COF rating is available for whatever type of tiles you want to buy from a merchant as Charbhujatiles has. They may have at hand a useful rating that you could work with; at times the internet may not have the usable rating you'll need.


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  • Different Tiles You Should Look at for your Restaurants 21May

    Different Tiles You Should Look at for your Restaurants

    When it comes to opening a restaurant, aesthetics is crucial because it determines the atmosphere of the establishment. As the base from which the design begins, the flooring becomes the foundation of the complete restaurant design. It's also crucial to consider the floor's functionality and safety aspects.


    The restaurant floor must be durable, and the following factors must be considered:


    - A restaurant is a high-traffic area with hundreds of customers passing through each day. The best tiles are full premium speckled or colored-body porcelain tiles.


    - The constant risk of food and drink spillage necessitates easy-to-clean flooring with a high density to minimize discoloration. Tile is unquestionably one of the best flooring choices.


    - Grease and water can cause problems in a restaurant's kitchen. The tiles should have a matt or structured surface with a greater slip rating. Anti-slip tiles would be extremely beneficial in reducing the likelihood of accidents.


    Chelsea Bianco


    English rigor, Chelsea Bianco, Cha is one of the many facets of ceramic cement that may be used to cover not only the walls of kitchens and bathrooms but also in places such as a restaurant. The soft cement of this beautiful variety stands out, with the ceramic serving as the space's main decorative feature. A beautiful relief adds a personal touch to the piece.


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    Fragma Gris


    Fragma Gris Tile has the appearance of typical poured gray concrete, but with the ease of maintenance and durability of Fragma tile. These tiles are great for creating floors, backsplashes, and countertops in a contemporary design aesthetic. They are contemporary, elegant, and sleek. Its size is 1200mm x 2400mm and is available for installation flexibility.


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    Livonia Black


    Livonia Black tiles have been made with beauty and desire, with a gleaming surface and beautiful elegance. Admire the opulence that glistens across the tile patterns. Its dimensions are 600mm x 1200mm, and it can be utilized as a bedroom floor or to decorate the floor of a restaurant.


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    Veneer Cheery


    They are customized based on designed tiles made and manufactured on demand, other forms of customization are to clients' and customers' specifications, they include custom stain and custom sizing although our default size is 800mm x 1600mm, and application of clear coat on the stain. The Veneer cheery is a high-quality 5-layer plywood texture of white cherries with fibers, grain, and joinery board backing which makes it a very durable and solid option for a restaurant floor tiling.


    The restaurant is a unique flavor laboratory. All surfaces must be kept in perfect order and must be completely clean. Furthermore, it must be simply lovely, comfortable, and classy! What are the best options for floor and wall covering in a restaurant? What aspects must be considered for the chefs, assistants, and waiters to work in a clean and safe environment?


    Here are some factors to consider choosing the best cladding choice:


    1. Staining resistance

    High stain resistance is one of the most significant parameters for both wall and floor cladding in the restaurant's culinary facilities. When choosing a collection, the stain resistance test results for a specific set of ceramic tiles should always be considered.


    2. Chemical cleaning agent resistance

    In the restaurant, cleanliness and working conditions are critical. The floor, as well as the walls, are cleaned multiple times a day with heavy cleaning products. As a result, restaurant ceramic tiles must be completely resistant to harsh chemical cleaners. 


    3. Abrasion resistance

    In the case of tiles meant for the restaurant floor, abrasion resistance is a necessity – and not just because of the frequency of cleaning treatments. The intensity of staff foot movement in footwear with various soles necessitates high abrasion resistance.


    4. Resistance to slipping

    Every restaurant has fluctuating conditions - water spills here and there. To protect the safety of the restaurant personnel and customers, the restaurant floor must be prepared. To prevent slips and falls, the tiles must have great slip resistance. 


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    In the restaurant, well-designed floors and kitchen walls must assure user safety and hygiene.


    When selecting a ceramic collection, consider the following factors: durability, simplicity of care, and parameters: Anti-slip and abrasion resistance, stain and chemical resistance with valid attestations and approvals must be provided for all criteria of the tiles, ensuring their safety and acceptability for usage. Special fittings that permit hygiene are best used to finish corners and all interior and external edges.


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  • All about Garage Floor Tiles with Different Types 12May

    All about Garage Floor Tiles with Different Types

    Garage floor tiles increase the durability and safety of a garage floor while also improving its appearance, making a home workshop a more attractive place to spend a weekend working on a car. This durable flooring can support a vehicle's weight while also withstanding the abuse of rolling tool chests and heavy power equipment.


    Most garage floor tiles may be laid in a matter of hours. They're made of some materials, from tough PVC plastic to soft foam, and come in a variety of colors and tread patterns. Finding the best selection from so many can be difficult. This guide will look at the important elements to consider when looking for the best.


    Types of Garage Floor Tiles

    There are four types of garage floor tiles. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each is important to choose the best one for your needs.


    Porcelain, stone, and ceramic


    Although porcelain tiles and other masonry-based choices may appear to be too delicate for a garage, they are far more durable than they appear. This type of tile is commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, with certain variations being ideal for garages.


    Because these are normally sold by the square foot, it is vital to measure the area to be covered before purchasing. These also give a more refined appearance to a garage where style and design are important.


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    Interlocking or snap-together garage tiles


    Due to their interlocking design, no glue, adhesive, or grout is required for the installation of these rather hard garage floor tiles. Custom sizing, custom design, and movability are all possible with this technology. They can have the same permanency as ordinary tiles when fully assembled, and many can survive a long time in both residential and commercial garages.


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    Peel and stick vinyl garage tiles


    Stick-on vinyl and plastic tiles are a fine balance between full tiles and temporary cover or snap tiles for customers. Because vinyl tiles contain pressure-sensitive adhesive on their backs, they are significantly easier to install (no grout or serious installation necessary), yet they have a thicker, tile-like feel rather than a covering or a coating.


    They're also a more long-term solution. These rather stiff tiles are mildew resistant and can tolerate sharp items, making them an excellent choice for a mechanic's garage for accidentally dropped tools or equipment.


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    Mats and covers