The Latest High Gloss Black Porcelain Floor Tiles Trends

With the carefully picked assortment available to shop, discover the newest high gloss black porcelain floor tiles for your house. You may find the ideal High Gloss Tile item right here, whether you want a Tile with a special, one-of-a-kind feature or want a Tile that can mix and match colors, materials, and designs.


What Are High Gloss Tiles?


As the name suggests, high gloss floor tiles have a glossier, more polished finish that helps reflect light off the surface. In addition to being beautiful, these tiles are also very adaptable and add space and light to any room in your home.


High gloss tiles are excellent for bringing life and freshness into a space. By reflecting light back and forth throughout the space, these types of tiles maximize natural lighting in areas with little or no natural lighting.


Types Of High Gloss Black Porcelain Tiles


Here are a few of the various high-gloss black porcelain floor tiles that are now popular:


High Gloss Taurus Black Tiles


The tile has a dark shade texture and an incredibly glossy polish. In addition to the traditional straight pattern, you could ingeniously put down this tile in a Versailles design. This tile looks brand new for a long time because it is very simple to maintain and doesn't get dirty or discolored.


Any type of space, including a living room, bedroom, office, restaurant, and even locations with high foot traffic, can use this tile. Additionally, this tile is offered in an optimal tile size of 600 mm × 600 mm, which fits most locations. Bring these tiles home to give your room a distinctive, modern, and contemporary look.


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High Gloss Negro Marble Tiles


This tile has a distinctive black color and a very glossy polish. The tile is one of the strongest and most durable ones on the market since it was made with meticulous care. it is quite affordable, making it ideal for everyone. In addition, this tile is very simple to clean with just a wet cloth or mop and doesn't require maintenance for years.


High Gloss Negro Marble is appropriate for usage in public areas like restaurants, showrooms, workplaces, bars, and living rooms. In addition to the traditional straight pattern, you could effectively put down this tile in a Versailles design.


High Gloss Marquina Black Tiles


Maquina marble, a modern and visually arresting material, is unique to Spain. High Gloss Marquina Black, draws heavily from that aesthetics. These glossy-finished glazed vitrified tiles are certain to grab your attention right away.


These wall and floor tiles look great in high-traffic areas and may be utilized in both home and commercial settings. The white veins that run through these black tiles add to their artistic appeal. Because of their adaptability, longer shelf life, and ease of maintenance, vitrified tiles are preferred.


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High Gloss Taurus Black Marble Tiles


If you want floor tile selections with a traditional yet modern appearance. This brand-new tile's natural white color will give your rooms a luxurious appearance. The artistic slate-like pattern when laid on the floor will give your bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, or living spaces a trendy and homey appearance. These glossy-finish tiles can add vibrancy and beauty to your surroundings when paired with other, brighter tiles and unusual designs.


These digital, polished, glazed, vitrified tiles, which come in 1200mm x 1600mm, 800mm x 1600mm, 600mm x 1200mm, 1200mm x 1200mm, 1200mm x 2400mm, 800mm x 2400mm Sizes mm tile sizes, are ideal for offices, commercial spaces like bars and restaurants, schools, and high-traffic areas.


High Gloss Portoro Silver Marble Tiles


This tile has a super-glossy finish that gives it additional polish and contributes to the creation of a smooth surface. Its size is 1200mm x 1600mm, 800mm x 1600mm, 600mm x 1200mm, 1200mm x 1200mm, 1200mm x 2400mm, 800mm x 2400mm Sizes is suitable for usage in a variety of settings, including the office, bedroom, living room, restaurant, etc. This tile is one of the strongest yet most elegant ones on the market since it has a glazed vitrified body.


If you choose this option, maintaining tiles won't take up much of your time or money. Also, since it doesn't retain moisture, it is simple to clean and may be washed or wiped with running water. it is resistant to fire, insects, scratches, stains, and flames.


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How to Clean White High Gloss Floor Tiles


You must maintain high gloss surfaces since, as was already indicated, they will quickly show fingerprints, watermarks, mud, scuff markings, and paw prints. By using these simple cleaning methods, you can maintain the elegance of your tiles on how to clean white high-gloss floor tiles.


- Vacuum the Floors 

- Sweep the Floors

- Untangle the Stains

- Use hot water

- Mop the Whole Floor

 -Clean the corners


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How much do high gloss tiles cost?


The style and brand you select have a significant impact on the high gloss tiles price for walls and floors. Of course, where you decide to live will also play a role.


When you purchase high-gloss tiles, you can be certain that you will receive value for your money. The cost of certain common high gloss tiles at phone call with the best price.




In conclusion, some high gloss floor tile variations may be slippery in damp areas like bathrooms. However, if you choose to use high gloss tiles in your home, you can still locate high gloss floor tiles that are non-slippy for added security.


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