Product Detail



High Gloss




1200mm x 1600mm

800mm x 1600mm

600mm x 1200mm

1200mm x 1200mm

1200mm x 2400mm


Bathroom Wall

Kitchen Wall

Bedroom Wall

Bedroom Floor

Kitchen Floor


About Armani Gris Tiles

Charbhuja Armani Beige Tiles brings you a classy choice, vitrified ARMANI GRIS tiles with light silver color and white veins which turn out to be that perfect fit to your room, kitchen, and anywhere else both commercial and private space you wish.

The Ivory colored, ARMANI GRIS tiles come in different sizes which will make your exterior and interior space look more beautiful. City’s famous Armani Beige Tiles supplier, Charbuja Tiles provides you with high quality, long lasting and the best tile of your choice. The High Gloss finish given to Armani Gris Tiles will make your tiles looks shining and no matter what falls on it, you can clean it with ease.

If you use these tiles in your kitchen and bathroom, you can effortlessly wash away food or soapy residues with a single rub. It will give a perfect look for your space and makes drawing rooms look more regal, bedrooms exude luxury, and dining rooms feel like a banquet! What else, go for Charbhuja Armani Beige Tiles to make your space look more glittering!


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