6 Things to Consider When Installing Floor Tiles in Your Home

Installing floor tiles at home can be a little challenging, especially when you are doing it for the first time. The right floor tile range may vary or not exactly fit into your home decor. Various mistakes and shortcomings can happen while following even the simplest of the instructions mentioned in the manuals.


Floor tiles is the first thing that you notice when entering a room. Each and every aspect of a floor needs to be perfect. That is why you must focus on each and every step while installing floor tiles. Just like any other home improvement project, kitchen re-modelling also involves some mistakes.


6 Things to Consider When Installing Floor Tiles in Your Home

Hence it is essential to keep these points in mind at all times during the process of installing tile floor in your home. Classifying these excuses and short comings, we have brought you six (6) things to keep in mind while installing floor tiles in your home.


1. Try not to Measure the Length of Your Floor Without Expert Supervision

Measurement is a must before shopping for tiles. However, measurement may sound like a simple process but it’s not so easy. You will need an expert supervision to ensure that the floor has been measured accurately.When you are looking to tile your flooring, do it right by calling for expert supervision.


This ensures you are getting the most accurate measurement of your floor possible so that you don’t run out of tiles or have any leftovers.There are many things you should consider before choosing a professional, like years of experience and their track record with installations.


2. Hire a professional Tile Settler

Hire a professional tile settler to do the job describes flooring in a very descriptive manner. They talk about its usefulness and purpose of having tiles on the floor.


They tell it as an advice, what kind of tiles you should use, its colour, design, etc. It tells us how choosing the right contractor is important and who the company are going to choose.


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3. Try not to Try to opt for Cheaper Alternatives to Save Few Money

If you have been short of ideas in terms of what you have to do with your home or are still confused about the best choices for your home improvement, then consulting professional experts might be a good idea. You will find many online home improvement service providers, but Charbhuja Tiles stands out from the rest through their stylish products and premium quality services.


This guide is aimed at letting people know why they should choose Charbhuja Tiles to do the home improvement work in their homes. When replacing your tile floor, one of the first things that you should think about is getting a good deal for the tiles. Looking for affordable tiles can sometimes be cumbersome.


In most cases, people don’t focus on quality, and just end up installing cheap and even substandard material in their home. When you are trying to find good deals on decent quality of tiles, Charbhuja Tiles are your best option. We have several ranges of tiles all under one umbrella; thus it’s easier to find what you need at a cheap price point.


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4. Selecting the Color of Your Grout Without Deciding Your Wall Tiles

A grout that is darker or lighter than your tiles will cause the look of the finished tile to look different to what you initially thought. For instance, if you picked out a white tile with a dark green grout the tile will appear light in colour. This happens because of the contrast between the grout and the tile.




It is important to select a grout that has colours similar to your wall tiles. Tiles come in a variety of shades, so selecting the right shade isn't difficult. Most wall tiles have either a glossy or matte finish, each of which gives off different lighting effects on your chosen tiles.


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5. You don't choose materials that suit your daily needs

Tiles can add a lot of aesthetic value as well as material value to your home, but the key rule for choosing tiles for your home is to choose a material that is suitable for day-to-day use. Don’t invest in fancy flooring just because they appeal to your eye.


If you are looking for flooring for a room that sees heavy use, do not add slippery or glossy floor tiles, especially if you have pets and kids in your home. Opting for such tiles can lead to slips and accidents, making your room deadly for the vulnerable. So, choose the material as per the daily requirements of you and your family members.


6. Improve the presentation of material and contractor choices

The market is absolutely flooded with a large variety of materials that are available for your floor, wall and roof tiles.A good material can structurally lend strength and comfort to the home, enhancing its look and appeal. However, not all tiles are created equal; you must thoroughly research and compare before you purchase your favourites.


The quality of the tiles can help you design an elegant room at an affordable price. To choose the best tiles for an interior design project, it is important to do a thorough research on their market. Equipping yourself with knowledge about tiles and spending time on research will help you choose the best materials and services.


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Charbhuja Tiles offer top-quality floor tiles in various styles, designs, and finishes so that your home tile designs can be well structured and functional. Who says beautiful, exquisite and highly durable tiles are expensive? At Charbhuja Tiles, we provide you with the best of hand-picked tiles available at highly affordable prices so that you can give your house a new look without feeling the pinch in your pocket.


We ensure that you get authentic and high quality Italian tiles at super cheap rates.

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