How to brighten up your Bathroom with Mosaic Tiles?

Despite its very ancient origin, mosaic remains surprisingly fashionable and today, more contemporary than ever. Mosaic tiles are renewed from collection to collection, with varied colors, material effects, textures, and shapes.

In the bathroom, mosaic tiles can make a difference in many ways. The mosaic can dress, exclusively, the floor and the walls of the bathroom or serve to draw the eye to a specific element, to differentiate or to create a rupture between surfaces.

The mosaic tile is an excellent choice for dressing the shower. A choice of style that is not afraid of trends, because the coating of the shower will always remain modern. But also, a practical choice, because mosaics have the same characteristics as larger tiles: resistance, hygiene, versatility.

Dress up the shower with 3D Mosaics

Today, the surfaces of tiles and mosaics are no longer "only" shiny or satin, but also 3D in shape. Not to mention the most disparate shapes for the 3D mosaic tiles which enliven the walls with different famous plays.

Dress the shower with irregular Mosaic Tiles

To give movement to the walls of the shower, in addition to 3D mosaics, you can bet on mosaic tiles with irregular tesserae. Like those of a variant of the classic mosaic tiles with orthogonal square tesserae: the mosaic tiles simulating a fabric, with a warp and a weft that intertwine.

Dress the shower with the regular Mosaic Tile

We have already said in the previous paragraphs: the mosaic is ornamental. And this statement also applies to its most common version, the mosaic tiles with small square tesserae.

Dress up the shower with Classic Mosaic Tiles in a solid color

If you prefer the solid color with the variegated tones of the marble effect mosaic tile, you can compose the shower covering with a monochrome version which, through its simplicity, expresses all the beauty of the mosaic tile.

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