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The kitchen is that particular area in your house that remains functional almost always and is in a little need of personalization. Also, in case you are a cooking enthusiast, the kitchen would automatically mean a lot more to you.


So, if you are looking for options to make your kitchen stand out and inspire the inner chef in you, you have landed at the best place possible.


This blog will provide you with the detailed suggestion of home kitchen countertop latest tile designs which would definitely outshine traditional kitchens. Thus, give a read to discover more!


1.  Broken tile mosaic countertop


If you think that the traditional large-slab countertops are pretty boring you should give this choice of kitchen tiles a try. A broken tile mosaic countertop will turn your kitchen into a party of multiple patterns and vibrant colors.


While installing this countertop, it is recommended to still to a backsplash in solid color tiles. Match your cabinets with the backsplash and keep the flooring a bit basic.


2.  Printed tile kitchen countertops


If you want to customize your cooking are to reflect your personality, printed tile kitchen countertops would be a great choice. You should get your countertop customized by a kitchen tiles supplier to get it accurate.


Match the backsplash wall tiles and cabinets in a solid color of your choice so that your customized countertop remains the hero.


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3.  Black tile countertops


Black is that one classic color you can hardly look away from. Black tile countertops are enough to give your kitchen a sleek look. The other perk of installing black tiles is that they are easy to clean and maintain.


If you want a sheer contrast in your kitchen, you might try installing ceramic tiles in small circles for the walls. A black countertop helps you play with bold colors for the rest of your kitchen. Try installing kitchen cabinets of bold color.


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4.  Ceramic tile kitchen countertops


These tiles are a highly preferred option because ceramic tiles are easy to clean. Thus, house owners who do not prefer their countertops to demand high maintenance can easily give this a go.


You can try a monochrome look with rectangular ceramic tiles. You can even contrast the view by going black on the backsplash. To maintain the contrast, you can keep the cabinets and floor white.


You can try Charbhuja Kitchen tiles to rock the look of your kitchen with ceramics.


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5. Brown tile countertops


Your kitchen countertop is meant to shine if you have picked brown tiles to decorate your kitchen. This classic choice is meant to overrun every other choice when it comes to kitchen tiles.


You can use a bit of a contrast with white tiles for the backsplash. Get some bold-colored cabinets and floor tiles to match the vibe


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If you plan on personalizing your kitchen, you have to be sure about two things in particular. Firstly, picking up a suitable design and selecting a trusted dealer.


Choose your kitchen tiles dealer in Delhi but you still need to be careful while finalizing. And for the designs, this blog must have proved helpful enough.

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