Stylish Wall and Floor Tiling Solutions for Your Bathrooms

Have your bathroom tiles worn out, and you are running after bathroom tile ideas? They are an easy way to upgrade your bathrooms without renovating the entire area. A new bathroom tile design is sure to add a new dimension to your bathroom instantly and adds color and pattern to your current suite. Tiled bathroom walls are simple and effective, as they offer the perfect opportunity to get creative with different colors, patterns, and textures.

Here are some of the best tiling solutions that would sparkle your bathroom.

Subway tiles

These alternatively shaped tiles are around for around a decade. However, with the emerging new colors and different tiling techniques, subway tiles are still the most preferred wall tiles for the bathroom. With subway tiles, the options are endless, as it depends entirely on the look you are choosing. You can lay these tiles in nine different ways.

Mosaic tiles

Mosaics are one of the most versatile tiles that work with any bathroom design. If you choose the tiles from the best bathroom wall tiles in Delhi, you can avail them in different colors and finishes, including matte and gloss.

Fish scale tiles

You can avail these tiles in both white and a different color. However, multicolored fish scale tiles are the best choice, which can transport you back to your Moroccan holidays. The color combinations are sure to hold you back in the bath for some extra time.

Leaf tiles

Although old, these are beautiful in their unique way. The unusual shape of the tiles makes a feature wall pop. If you wanted to embrace a natural style in your home, the tile is the best choice.

Matte tiles

While the traditional tiles have a glossy finish, the matte bathroom tiles in Delhi offer a new look to your bathroom. It is a great way to add some extra refined style to your bathroom.

Vintage tiles

Are you living in a federation home or an inner-city industrial lofty apartment? Whatever the living area, vintage tiles with some modern finishes ensure that your interior aesthetics remain consistent throughout your home.

Floral tiles

The floral tiles are not always roses and daisies. These digital tiles for bathrooms can take you back to the European summers in Portugal. You can also look for a more vintage feel, which gives your bathroom a fresh and unique look.

Uneven tiles

Gone are the days when you opt for crisp white and clean lines in your bathrooms. Adding life and designing your bathroom for an inviting and lived-in is the new trend. The pattern makes it appear that all the tiles in the bathroom are individually laid, which gives the room a unique glam vibe.

Pastel tiles

Pastel tiles come in a lot of colors, and you can pick any color for your bathroom. The colors soothe and calm your mind and also enhances the aura of your bathroom. You can pair it with a bit of gold metallic tapware.


Ensure to choose a suitable tile that matches your interior and personality from the best tiles company in Delhi. We have a lot of options in terms of material, color, patterns, and textures.

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