Bring Backsplash Makeover to your Kitchen

Bored with your old kitchen? Not enjoying cooking anymore with the same kitchen? Now you cannot afford a whole kitchen renovation overnight. But with a backsplash kitchen, you can get a new look in your old kitchen.

Looking for some latest backsplash ideas for your kitchen. Scroll down for some amazing ideas.

Why Kitchen Makeover is Important?
  • As you know, if we eat good food, we get good thoughts. And good cooking is not possible in a dull, boring kitchen. To enhance your kitchen design, a makeover is important.
  • Backsplash kitchen makeover is cost-effective and it can be done quickly.
  • If all the rooms in your home are well-decorated and furnished, why leave the kitchen behind. A backsplash makeover can complement the whole house.
  • Not only for looks, but a makeover also helps to clean the whole kitchen The oily stains or spots will vanish with a backsplash makeover. It is very important to keep the kitchen clean to prevent any food poison, stomach pains, etc.

Now, if you’re convinced and want to get some popular kitchen makeover ideas for your kitchen, check out them below.

The Subway Tile

Subway tiles are in trend for kitchens. It brings a completely new, elegant look to your kitchen. You would absolutely love these tiles. It gives a very sophisticated design to your kitchen.

It comes as rectangular, ceramic tiles with high gloss. Different patterns can be designed with these tiles and they can be flaunted to different colors. You can design to use these tiles as a casual pattern, or you may apply two stripes of colored tiles on the white backsplash. Or you can go for a multicolor design.

Subway tiles can be extended up to the ceiling to add an offbeat look.

Suggested Colors:

For the kitchen, you may choose colors among white, olive green, grey, or light yellow.

The Versatile Mosaic Tile

As the name suggests, these tiles for your kitchen add a versatile look. It is mainly suggested if you want to add visual interest to your kitchen. Also, in a small, cozy kitchen these tiles can look a bit over-designed. But if you have a big kitchen or open kitchen with a dining place, these tiles can upgrade the backsplash view of the kitchen.

These tiles are made of different elements like glass, stone, or ceramic. There are multiple patterns and colors available for these mosaic tiles for the kitchen that enhance the kitchen look. They are generally two inches in size and take a bit more time to be installed compared to the subway tiles. But if we can spend some time extra on the new look of your kitchen, you won’t regret it.

Suggested Colors:

For the kitchen, you can choose a combination of white and light blue, black and white, grey and white, biscuit yellow color or a combination of grey and blue. There are multiple patterns as well you can choose from.

The Penny Round Mosaic Tile

Now if you want a different backsplash look for your kitchen, unlike the two traditional looks, you can try the penny round mosaic tiles. Maybe you can guess the design from the name itself. These tiles add an extensive look to your kitchen.

These mosaic tiles are super glossy and tiny in size. When you arrange them together, it will change the overall look of your old kitchen. It comes in different textures.

Suggested Colors:

Charcoal black, grey, blue or olive green on white backsplash works best with these ‘penny round mosaic tiles in your kitchen.

Hope you can choose the best tiles that fit your kitchen backsplash from this article.

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