Guide to Choose Best Tiles for Home

Which type of tiles is best for the home? Probably we all have faced this question every time we are looking for some best floor tiles for home or best tiles for bathroom. Here is a trick. Home tiles are slightly different from official tiles or hotel room tiles. Also, floor tiles are different from wall tiles.

So much confusion!

If you want to know how to choose the best tiles for home, don’t miss out on this article.

How to find the best tiles for home flooring?

Home flooring is an important part of the interior design of your whole house. Now, there are some significant things you should know while looking for the best tiles for a home in India. There are different types of tiles available as porcelain, ceramic, stone, clay, metal and glass. It is tricky to understand which will be the best tiles for home.

Keep these points in mind.

  • Tile sizes do matter. Choose small tiles for the bathroom or kitchen and bigger tiles for the living room or flooring.
  • Choose the colour of the tiles that suits the vibe of a particular room. Don’t just go by the design of the tiles but also think if it is suitable for the room.
  • There is always a question, which is best for home- marble or tiles. Marbles are easy to get stained, unlike the tiles. Also, tiles are cost-effective. Marble flooring always brings a glaze where the finish with some best tiles for home flooring leaves room for both polishes or unpolished view.

Here you can find some cheap and best tiles for homes. Now, let us talk about the variety of tiles for the home.

Types of Wall Tiles

Ceramic Wall Tiles

Be it a living room or a kitchen, ceramic wall tiles are flexible enough to fit every design. This is one of the best tiles for the home. They can resist heat and damage well. So you can also use these tiles on the outdoor wall.

Glazed Wall Tiles

To get a glass-like finish on the walls, you can go for glazed tiles. They are available in almost every shade of colours. Generally, these tiles for home are available in a 2:1 dimension ratio.

Check out here for some cheap and best tiles for homes in India to elevate the walls.

Types of Floor Tiles

Apart from the ceramic and glazed tiles, there are other types of tile flooring available. Here are some of the examples of the best floor tiles for home in India.

Porcelain Tiles

Looking for the best floor tiles for home in India? You can choose porcelain tiles without any doubt. It does not fade or crack and easy to maintain. These tiles can be used indoor or outdoor flooring in your home.

Cement Tiles

It is one of the best floor tiles for home in India outdoor. It is flexible and available in different pattern and texture.

Fancy Tiles

Apart from these traditional tiles, there are mosaic, terracotta, and glass tiles. These tiles are the best floor tiles for home in India. You can use these tiles on balcony, living or bedroom flooring to get a vibrant look.

Hope this article helps you to find the best tiles for home.

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