Tile ideas to enhance the look of your house

The term tile refers to a piece of ceramic, usually square or rectangular, of small or medium size, that has a vitrified face, caused by the burning of a substance called enamel. This glazecan decorate the tile in a single color or in a polychrome. The tile can be used as a wall covering element, both indoors and outdoors, or as part of large decorative and artistic elements.

Tiles are more specific as far as their location is concerned. Inside the house the vast majority of people go with the tile in the bathroom. It gives it a more sophisticated and even modern touch. Relaxation is sought in the bathroom. That is not a secret. That is why a good tile would come in handy to give that touch to the most intimate part of the house. When we buy a new home, we are mostly concerned about the designs of tiles. That is why in this article, we are going to talk about some ideas to choose tiles for your house.

A classic in white

It never fails: white tile with a smooth surface but with imperfections and lowered edges. The kitchen and the bathroom are among the environments in which this type of coating is most used.

In the same color range

Another idea that you can add to your inspiration list to modernize the metro tile is to combine it in several shades of the same color. We propose a neutral and earth tones that grants even more volume and dimension than if it were used in a single tone.

The most 'chic' black

Elegant, chic, protagonist, personal, sophisticated, charismatic ... it is a color but it has so much strength that in decoration only the most attracted resort to it. It is true that it has the peculiarity of darkening the spaces, so you have to know how to use it (combine it with white and with ad hoc lighting); but when done right, the effect is shocking. And the metro tile in black is also one of the most used in the walls of bathrooms and toilets.

Who said that metro was retro?

We propose a risky and highly designer mix: kitchen cabinets finished in pink, blue metro tiles on the wall and touches that add shine like the glass present in the display case and in the jewel hood on the hob. Everything is a matter of daring to combine, to design personal spaces in which mixing can be the hallmark.

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