Get the Most Durable Double Charged Vitrified Tiles for Your Home

Looking for an alternative to marble and granite flooring? What about vitrified double charge tiles? These tiles will add an extraordinary look to your home flooring. It is not easy to construct or renovate a home with so many options available in the market.

In this article, we are going to present some amazing double charge floor tiles ideas you can use. So, let’s get started.

What is Double Charge Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified double charge tiles are a special type of ceramic tiles that have low porosity. It is the rate of void spaces in a rock. Double charge vitrified tiles manufacturers use a mixture of silica, feldspar, clay, and quartz these tiles. As these vitrified tiles double charge have low porosity, it can be effective for your house. How? See the next segment.

Advantages of Double Charge Vitrified Tiles
  • Due to low porosity, these tiles are efficient to prevent any water stains on the wall or floor.
  • Vitrified tiles double charge are pocket-friendly than marble tiles.
  • These tiles are more durable and easily maintained.
  • There are different double charge tiles designs are available.

Types of Double Charge Tiles

You will find four types of tiles from the double charge tiles manufacturer. Each of these tiles has its own double charge tiles design. Let us quickly see all the types of double charge floor tiles.

Full Body Vitrified Tiles

This double charge tile has uniform colour throughout the body. So throughout life, the colour won’t fade and it is durable for outdoor uses. For example, you can use these tiles in the backyard of the house. However, they are expensive and come in limited design.

Soluble Salt Vitrified Tiles

Soluble salt vitrified tiles are printed with screen printing technology and then polished. It is not the design of the very latest tiles for the home. Also, it tends to fade after few years.

So, after these two types, you need to know, what you can choose for your home that can avoid all these disadvantages. Check out the double charge tiles design here.

Double Charge Vitrified Tiles

Coming to the double charge floor tiles, it is one of the most popular vitrified tiles for home flooring. Two types of colours are fed into the machine to get a pattern with a double layer of pigment. This is one of the most durable vitrified tiles with a variety range of double charge tile design.

You can find the best double charge vitrified tiles manufacturer here to get the latest vitrified tiles double charge for exclusive flooring

Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT)

GVT tiles or digital vitrified tiles are finished with a glazed surface that allows any type of design, surface textures, etc. You can get attracted by this type of tile at first but there are some disadvantages.

Let’s see GVT vs double charge tiles comparison in the next segment.

GVT vs Double Charge Tiles

Although both of them are two different types of vitrified tiles, there are some differences between them that you should know before buying them.

  • Glazed vitrified tiles are expensive than double charge floor tiles.
  • Double charge vitrified tiles are more durable than GVT and the glaze also reduces in some years.
  • GVT cannot resist scratches as much compared to the vitrified double charge tiles.

If you are interested in buying from a trustworthy double charge tiles manufacturer, you can visit this place. Check all the necessary elements before buying double charge vitrified tiles.

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