Stylish Floor Designs that are Sure to Sweep You Off Your Feet

Have you recently shifted to a new home or apartment and the décor does not suits your taste? Well, if the décor of the house leaves you to scratch your head, ensure to look down. It might be the old floor tiles that give a dull look to the décor. From traditional designs to modern patterns, here we offer you a wide range of tiling ideas that can transform the décor from boring to wow-worthy. These ideas of tile patterns are exactly what your floor needs for a fresh look.

Sweater floor pieces for your kids’ room

Of course, porcelain tiles come with graphic prints similar to the carpets, and this sweater is the homey and perfect choice if you install it in your living room and play areas. The tiles come with an excellent mix and match that makes your space cozy and welcoming.

Basket weave patterned floor tile

The tiles got their name from their resemblance, the texture of a woven basket. Since these tiles are water-resistant, it makes up the best porcelain tiles for bathrooms. You can use the tiles to cover the upper wall and ceiling of the shower stall.

Patterned porcelain tiles for a wood-like look

If you love the wooden look and carve for the durability of the porcelain tiles, opting for the patterned wood-effect porcelain tiles is the best option. While the flooring offers a glimpse of warm, natural walnut planks, these porcelain tiles are water and scratch-resistant. The best part is that the floor gives you a feeling of wood like underfoot and not cold tile.

Two-tone patterned floor tile for kitchen

If you want to give your kitchen a fresh and artistic look, going for the two-toned tiles combining blue and white colors is the best choice. Moreover, décor experts are of the view that every room must incorporate some patterns. These porcelain tiles for the kitchen are the best choice, as they do not appear overly designed or visually cluttered.

Vintage wood plank tiles

Porcelain tiles that look like wood do not always come in natural browns and sands. You can opt for the white-washed versions, too, as the vintage wood tiles. White wood-like tiles offer your room the popular soothing Scandinavian look. Moreover, adding white tiles in the interior also makes the room look larger and brighter, as they reflect light. If you are planning to refresh your bedroom, these are a great choice.

White and red retreat

The white and red combination of porcelain tiles is a perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms, as it offers a clean and chick finish. While the black and white combination is popular nowadays, but the red and white combo is sure to give a unique look to your space.

Rustic touch to your patio

With the advancements in digital printing technology, you can use porcelain tiles outdoor for paving. Moreover, you get various colored options and a textured finish. The warmth and depth of the color are sure to create a striking backdrop, and the large format design is ideal for increasing the feeling of space even if you have a small patio.

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