Reasons to Choose Branded Tiles over Local Tiles

Home or office decoration find new definitions with the tiles. There are so many tiles company in Delhi where you can get branded floor tiles as well as local tiles. But branded tiles in India come with some specific advantages.

So, if you choose branded tiles from any tiles showroom, you can avail best features of it.

Advantages of Branded Floor Tiles
  • Availability: You can find the best tiles in India almost everywhere in the country. Local tiles are available only in some selected areas. Also, you can get branded tiles anytime from the best tiles company in India, unlike limited local tiles stock.

  • Different Size and Colour: When you search for tiles shop near me, always check if they keep branded floor tiles. Although, local tiles offer more colours and texture compared to the best tiles in India where you can get some standard designs. But, when you’re looking for different standard sizes like 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 18, and 24 inches, the best tiles company in India can fulfil that demand.

  • Durability and Guarantee: The material used in different branded tiles in India varies from the materials in local brands found in the tiles showroom. All these branded tiles come with more durability and the company provides a long-time guarantee with them. So the branded tiles in India have a high price, but if you see the big picture, they will last for a long time.

  • Uniform Price: Local tiles have different prices in different places, but the branded tiles in India have a uniform price range anywhere. Nobody can manipulate the price declared by the branded tiles company in Delhi or in any other place. So the chance of fraud is reduced. Also, there is a logo signature in branded tiles, unlike the local tiles.

Tips to Choose Best Tiles in India

It is normal to get confused between so many options, both online and in tiles showroom. So here are some quick tips for you to get the best tiles.

What are the best tiles in India for the floor?

Generally, tiles are used mostly to decorate the floor. It can be home or office flooring, outdoor flooring, pavement tiles, etc. Each purpose has a different tiles option. It is important to understand the purpose before looking for the branded floor tiles.

Tiles are durable and at the same time, it adds sophistication. Generally, marble, ceramic, sandstone tiles are popular for flooring. Choose tiles size according to the room, texture according to the ceiling and wall colour.

Best tiles in India for wall

For backsplash flooring, a wall tile is a good option. There are the latest tiles ideas for the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms. Subway or ceramic tiles are popular in wall tiles. It protects the wall and helps to decorate the outdoor and indoor walls.

In this article, you’ll get to know the difference between branded tiles and local tiles and how to choose the best tiles in India.

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