Get the Best Commercial Tiles Ideas for Office

Are you wondering about the best tiles for office to redecorate the corporate places? In this article, we have covered the top 5 commercial tiles to help you choose the design of the relevant tiles.

It is important for the office areas to decorate properly to give a comfortable yet professional workspace. Floor tiles for office and wall tiles for office are in demand for their durability and unique style. And guess what! There is more than one type specifically for corporate use. Let’s find out their features.

Why use different tiles for the office?

Home decoration and corporate sector decoration is different in their purpose and design. Commercial floor tiles or wall tiles design for office are more minimal, durable, and engaging. It needs to withstand more public traffic, stain, dust, and resistance.

Let’s check out the commercial floor tiles and wall tiles for office in the following section.

Top 5 Tiles for Office

Commercial Carpet Tiles

Commercial carpet tiles are one of the most popular tiles for office use. These floor tiles for office are specially designed for those who spend maximum work hours on their feet. It has different colour shades and shapes to fit perfectly in the office floors and match with the walls as well.

These commercial carpet tiles are mostly used in deep colour shades to resist dust and stains. Also, these need to be vacuumed daily. It also provides protection. Another advantage of these carpet tiles is their sustainability and reusability.

Slate Tiles

For informal office areas or commercial rooms, slate tiles are one of the best choices, The best part is, you can use slate tiles both as wall tiles design for office and floor tiles for office. It adds a look of simplicity and class to the walls and floor. Also, these tiles are extremely stain-resistant and can withstand heavy footfall along with 100% fire resistance.

Slate tiles are available in various sizes and colours. As these tiles are made of natural stone, there is a guarantee of long durability. Generally, slate tiles are available in a matt finish. There are natural stone tiles available as commercial tiles. Although they are not an ideal choice for office use, you can use them in high footfall areas.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are budget-friendly and cover a large area. If you want to choose commercial floor tiles that can resist stains and scratches, go for luxury vinyl tiles. They are available in multiple colours and shapes. Also, it can be installed simply and maintained easily. All the basic requirements for floor tiles for office are satisfied by these vinyl tiles.

Dura Stone Tiles

If you’re looking for tiles for office in an open-air space, then pick dura stone tiles. These tiles are available in bigger sizes and can cover the floor for a longer time. Commercial places like lounge or parking areas, these commercial floor tiles are perfect.

Ceramic Tiles

For a smart and simple appearance in the flooring, ceramic tiles are a good option. They need low maintenance and have versatile availability. Also, it is a water-resistant tile and is known for keeping the floor cooler. Thus it makes ceramic office tiles best to pick. If you’re looking for a wide range of textures for commercial floor tiles, go for ceramic.

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