What is full body vitrified tiles?

Vitrified tile is a low porosity earthenware. It is an option for marble and stone floor surfaces. Vitrified tiles are regularly used outdoors due to their clogging by water and frost. Vitrified tiles are a mixture of water that mixes with earth, quartz, feldspar, and silica to form the glassy surface of the tiles. Consequently, making a solitary dough creates them tough with low porosity.


The different terrestrial bodies reach vitrification at different temperatures. The earth is mixed with quartz and feldspar before heating it in the oven. These additional fixings soften, forming a glass component within the tile.


Vitrified ceramic tiles are coated with vitrifiable materials and ceramic dyes giving the tiles their color and finish. Vitrified tile can also have different finishes: a high gloss finish can be more slippery and hide scratches less well, while a mat or textured finish offers better traction and hides scratches and dirt better.


Floors and walls are the important parts of a house or building. People use various things to decorate floors and walls. Tiles are used to enhance the beauty of walls and floors. These tiles are also used because they are easy to clean and above all easy to maintain.


A wide variety of varieties is available in the market against the background of these tiles. People choose tiles that fit their budget and are great for their walls or floors. Two words often heard in the tile market are vitrified and rectified.


The benefits of full-body vitrified tiles

Now that we have talked about full-body vitrified tiles, it is time to talk about the benefits of it.

The durability of full body vitrified tiles

Full body vitrified tile has greater durability and resistance than any other tile. This is mainly due to the uniformity of color and design across the mass of the tile. The color pigment is throughout the mass (thickness) of the tile.

No bumps or scratches are visible thanks to the uniform design throughout the thickness of the tile making it an ideal choice for high traffic areas, but the production process dramatically increases the cost.

The design principle

Uniform designs throughout the mass create some restrictions. This is why the designs in this tile category are generally simple and one color. These tiles are suitable for parking spaces, garages, terraces/balconies, and commercial purposes.

The water absorption

The vitrified tile body is made by ultra-high temperature processing, the hardness is very high and the water absorption rate is extremely low.

Comparison of the production process

The texture of vitrified tiles is relatively simple compared to other tiles.

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