Product Detail



High Gloss




1200mm x 1600mm

800mm x 1600mm

600mm x 1200mm

1200mm x 1200mm


Bathroom Wall

Kitchen Wall

Bedroom Wall

Bedroom Floor

Kitchen Floor


About Bottochino Natural Tiles

Bottochino Natural Tiles are the epitome of luxury when it comes to quality and design. It's a light brown tint with natural beige lines. These tiles are ideal for use on walls and floors, and will improve the appearance of your home. You can find the best quality, and guaranteed Bottochino Natural tiles from Charbhuja Bottochino natural Tiles presented to you by the best quality tiles marketing showroom in India known globally, Charbhuja Tiles.

Charbhuja tiles present you a wide range collection of tiles at good price range with Bottochino natural tiles being one of the best sellers. The tiles are available in different size and can be placed in different position as you wish which will make your favourite space look more beautiful!

So, why not giving a luxurious look to your place with Charbhuja Bottochino natural tiles. The Glossy finish of the tiles will make you help in your house hold works too! you want to know how? The Glossy finish helps you to clean your tiles smoothly without putting much effort and helps your space looks more beautiful.


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