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High Gloss





1200mm x 1600mm

800mm x 1600mm

600mm x 1200mm

1200mm x 1200mm

1200mm x 2400mm


Bathroom Wall

Kitchen Wall

Bedroom Wall

Bedroom Floor

Kitchen Floor


About Armani Beige Tile

Armani Beige tiles comes up with an elegant color which perfectly suits in your house, workplace and gives it an eye-catching look. Armani Beige tiles which add a classy look is best suiting for both interior as well as exterior designing.

The tiles are available in a variety of sizes to suit any place you want to decorate. The slight cream-colored look with clean lines and glossy finish adds more fine structure and makes it inclined more to give a perfect modern design to your favorite place! The Satin finish makes the Armani Beige tiles softer, less gleaming appearance and striking the optimum mix between polished and honed.

The tiles also have Matt finishing which offers any room a classic but understated appeal, it’s matt finish also makes the tiles less slippery, thereby making it a good choice for your bathroom or kitchen. To add higher durability and impressive appearance, Armani Beige tiles has Rocker finishing too.

You can get the best quality Armani Beige tiles from Charbhuja Armani Beige Tiles, being Delhi’s best tiles shop. You can setup the tiles in a variety of designs to further enhance the beauty of your room.


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