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High Gloss


1200mm x 1200mm

1200mm x 2400mm


Bathroom Wall

Kitchen Wall

Bedroom Wall

Bedroom Floor

Kitchen Floor


About Himalaya Onyx Tiles

Himalaya Onyx Tiles are quite different from other tiles in texture and style. These tiles are white in colour and have green veins on them. It is available in different colours and textures too, like white, cream, brown-black and more. Himalaya Grey Tiles are made up of a unique natural stone which is originated from the dripstone deposits of limestone caves.

At the point when water trickles from underground rock formations and stalagmites inside these caverns and dissipates a compound called calcium carbonate is abandoned. Although, it is not too expensive and easily fits in the budget. It is easy to clean, as in one hand rub.

These tiles are also extraordinarily strong which will not break easily. These tiles will not get fade or lose their shine for years. These tiles are used as a floor tile and as a slab too in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, lounge areas and more. Himalaya Grey Tiles are also used in offices and other workplaces. These tiles can be used in reception as a countertop.


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