Why This ECO Marfil Tiles Trend From the '90s Needs to Make a Comeback

Of course, we all want something unique and beautiful for our place, whether it’s our workplace or our personal space, but especially for our homes. Something with amazing looks and trending nowadays is what we get attract to, whether its furniture, home accessories or tiles and marbles.


Tiles and marbles are something one need to choose very wisely because it’s easy to switch furniture and accessories but not tiles. Eco Marfil tiles are the most trending and in demand, in fact, these tiles never went off trend. Its quality and design are the reasons that it is people’s first preference.


Additionally, the highly glossy finishing of Eco Marfil tiles is easy to clean and shine brighter again and again without getting face. This tile results best in a place like a kitchen and a bathroom as you can effortlessly clear the left-over marks of food or anything in the single rub.


Why choose Eco Marfil Tiles?

  • The best quality about Eco Marfil Tiles is that they are long-lasting and break resistance. 
  • These tiles are available in different shades of ivory colour. Ivory is a soft shade of white and beige is a soft shade of brown or tan.
  • Its light shade makes the space look more spacious and pretty.
  • These are budget-friendly and will fits in your pocket easily. 
  • It’s simple and decent design gives a very formal and rich look. 

Eco Marfil tiles are best for you in case you are looking for something that end-up looking modern for your space.


Where it can be used?

Eco Marfil tiles are available as floor tiles and wall tiles. These tiles can be used in bedrooms, lounge areas, bathrooms, as well as in the kitchen too. Because of their gorgeous colour and formal look, these tiles are good to go for work areas too (offices).

These tiles are suitable for all kinds of environments and look very classy.

Where can you get it from?

For the best material quality, you can trust the best association, and after keeping all this in mind, the first name that came as a concern is indeed Charbhuja Tiles. Charbhuja tiles are a trusted brand in the Indian tile market. They are known for their excellent quality tiles globally.

It is undoubtedly the best tile shop in Delhi, offering all the latest tile designs, colors, and materials made with the latest machines and technologies. Their tiles are known for their fresh designs and robust quality with an extensive distribution network, making them the best tile distributors in Delhi. They have had an encounter of over 63 years.

So, what you are thinking of, Charbhuja Eco Marfil Tiles are waiting for you and to make your space more beautiful.

They are a one-stop company for all your needs and have a wide range of stuff.

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