Purpose Of Using Large Slabs

Slabs are one of the integral parts of a house. Spacious homes are perfect for installing large slabs. Although if the rooms are small there is nothing to worry about as we have different designs of slabs that fit in any room size. There are various kinds of tiles that give a unique look to each room from kitchens, bathrooms, and to living rooms.

The price of the tiles is also minimal and comes under your budget. If you are thinking of renovating your house or a room this would serve you the best.


Benefits of installing large tiles in the room

Easy installation:

The largely shaped tiles consume less time when they are laid on the floor, which, in turn, makes the work happen quicker when compared to small tiles. The lesser number of big tiles required helps in easy assembling of the different designs. With the use of modern tools and innovative procedures, large tiles installation has become much easier.


Gives a stunning look to your room:

The large tiles are available in various designs, and they can be used on any floor. The best thing is that the large floor tiles match the designs of your walls. Other than being stylish, the tiles are best known for their strength and durability.


Easy maintenance:

Here you get good quality slabs that are corrosion-free and stain resistant which makes them one of the popular choices among room designers. The bigger slabs help in choosing flexible large wall tiles which can be used in living rooms, worktables in the kitchen, bathroom walls. The largely shaped tiles create lesser grout lines after installation, which, in turn, makes cleaning easier and maintains the tiles in perfect condition for an extended period.



Although the size of the tiles is large, yet they are available at a flexible price range which makes them easily affordable. Even the installation charges are minimal to free of cost which depends on the designs you choose.


Small rooms appear bigger:

Once you install the big tiles in your small rooms with perfection, the rooms appear bigger and spacious for the fewer grout lines. The floors appear streamlined that creating an illusion of spacious rooms after renovation.


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How to install large tiles to create a spacious appearance of the rooms

There are different things that you must keep in mind while having big floor slabs installation to make the room appear spacious.


The general size of larger tiles is 24 inches, and once installed properly, it creates a sense of more space in small rooms.



Color plays an impact not only on the floor but also throughout the room. Light colors are preferred more during the renovation to create a contrast in the color tone between floor and room to make them appear more spacious.



To create a sense of space visually in the rooms, square and rectangular pattern tiles are mixed.


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Large Slab/Tile Collection

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For renovating rooms with large-sized tiles, you need to take professional help to give a perfect shape to the room floor or workspace. The slabs are not only stylish, but they also provide a clean look with a sleek finishing touch to your room.

Choose the desirable color of the tiles and decorate your room in your own creative way.

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