Bigger is better-why large format tiles are a huge trend?

Tiles are a very interesting and practical solution. This type of flooring has several advantages, including high strength. Modern manufacturers offer a wide variety of different options, varying in quality and size. But often people are confused between large tiles and small tiles. If you are someone who is also confused on this matter, then this article is for you. In this article, we are going to talk about the popularity of large tiles.

If we talk about the superiority of large tiles compared to small tiles, we can talk about the following points-

  • To perceive a room as big

  • Large tiles help to balance the space

  • Installing large time takes less time

  • Large tiles are best for the roof

  • Ease of cleaning

  • Enhancing the look of the house

Let’s discuss these points in detail.

To perceive a room as big

Especially if they have a rectified joint. The boring between pieces is not perceived and this creates the effect of being a continuous surface, and a continuous surface always creates the illusion that the surface is larger than it actually is. If, in addition, they are glossy tiles like these, the feeling of spaciousness is greater. With small tiles, there is always the risk of ruining the look. Often, we perceive a room as smaller with our eyes just because of using smaller tiles.

Large tiles help to balance the space

If the room has very high ceilings, the placement of the pieces can rebalance the space. In this case, large pieces, placed in a landscape, help make the bathroom look better. Balancing spaces with small tiles do not work, that does not look good.

Installing large time takes less time

If large tiles are used on the floors of a room, it will take less time to finish the flooring. On the other hand, as to cover a floor we will need more small tiles than large tiles, flooring with small tiles takes more time.

Large tiles are best for the roof

Large tiles are just perfect for the roof. If they are warm and with a rectified joint like these, they will look very good because they will protect while making the space more welcoming, as if it were stone covering the walls. DO not make the mistake of using small tiles for the roof. They will not look good.

Ease of cleaning

Large tiles mean fewer joints between tiles within a room. That is why cleaning large tiles is easy compared to small tiles where dirt will stay between joints throughout the room.

Enhancing the look of the house

Large tiles always look much elegant and classy compared to small tiles. With large tiles, you can enhance the look of the house. People visiting your house will admire the marvelous floors with large tiles.

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